From June 2021, we are pleased to offer any customer who has had to make a claim on their GAP or Cycle Insurance policy, professional counselling to address any thoughts and feelings associated with the incident that led to them making a claim.

We have partnered with Harley Therapy; a well-respected and forward-thinking therapy platform, to give our customers - who need it - extra assistance.

Who are Harley Therapy?

Harley Therapy has connected thousands of people with life-changing therapy online, around the UK, and at their renowned London clinics since 2006.

Their platform makes it easy to book counselling and psychotherapy online with a qualified, experienced therapist in minutes.

Harley Therapy

How does it work?

ALA Insurance & Harley Therapy

If you have had to claim on your GAP or Cycle Insurance policy and you feel like you need to talk to an accredited therapist, get in touch with one our team via, along with proof of your claim and we will provide you with a unique code to use on the Harley Therapy website.

ALA Insurance & Harley Therapy

Pick a therapist and a time that works for you, add your voucher code and complete the transaction.

ALA Insurance & Harley Therapy

We will cover your first therapy session (up to £60) and if you feel you need to talk some more, we will provide 30% off two more subsequent sessions (up to £60 per session).

ALA Insurance & Harley Therapy

All therapists are vetted and accredited and there are hundreds of practitioners available to speak to you via Zoom or the telephone – so no matter where you are in the UK – you’ll be able to find someone to talk to.

For further information or any questions please email and pull up a chair.

  • The first therapy session paid for by ALA Insurance is up to the value of £60
  • If any therapist is selected with a session fee over £60, the customer will need to cover the difference by entering their card details to the Harley Therapy platform
  • If one or two of the discounted follow up therapy sessions are used; 30% will be deducted from each total up to the value of £60
  • Any questions about accessing the Harley Therapy platform should be directed to Harley Therapy
  • Any questions, problems, issues with the Harley Therapy platform and their therapists should be directed to the team at Harley Therapy
  • Proof of claim on an ALA Insurance policy must be provided before any discount codes can be offered
  • All requests for access to unique codes will be treated with the strictest of confidence by an ALA Insurance employee