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ALA and ChipsAway – Did We Fool You?

ALA and Chips Away – an April fools!

Published: 1st April 2014

ALA and Chips Away have teamed up to bring you a revolutionary piece of new technology “DentsAway”, a Smartphone app which uses “the electro-magnetic pulses of the phone’s processor to ionise the metal on a dented car” thereby repairing a dent without having to go to a bodyshop.

A great idea undoubtedly….and one that wish was real as, unfortunately, it is an April Fool.

However we weren’t the only ones to get involved. There were a lot of other April Fools’ that cheered our morning up:

Scotland to switch to driving on the right if independence given green light

Scottish Independence for ALA GAP Insurance

The Guardian website provided us with an in depth plan from Scottish Nationalist to scrap the current road signage system.

The motorway prefix M will be replaced with S – for Scotland- and A roads will be changed to N for Nationalist with Blue being the prominent background colour being changed to blue. Even better is the change to the current typeface on the signs, known as ‘Transporter’, to a more “Celtic-tinged” typeface ‘Proclaimer’!

If this all went to plan the second phase would be to change the road system so that motorists in Scotland drive on the right. This would involve a complex system of spiral interchanges at the border which would redirect traffic to avoid “cross border clashes” a so-called PR disaster “worse than horsemeat in haggis” according to one planner.

Alex Salmond to replace the Queen on new Scottish pound coin

New Scottish Pound for ALA GAP Insurance

There was a notable Scottish theme with the April Fools this year with the Daily Telegraph reporting the replacement of the Queen on the pound coin… with Alex Salmond.

Within months of a “yes” vote, all Scottish coins in circulation would be replaced with “Salmond Sterling”.

Experts baffled by SQUARE eggs

Square Eggs for ALA GAP Insurance

ITV did a cracking job (sorry!) reporting that Freedom Food Farm had become the first in the world to produce chickens which lay square eggs.

There were some very convincing photos and videos but we do feel a bit sorry for the chickens!

Kim Jong-un BANS One Direction from entering North Korea – unless they get their hair cut

Kim Jong Un Bans One Direction from North Korea – unless they get their hair cut!

Kim Jong Un for ALA GAP Insurance

The Mirror not only reported that One D have to get their hair cut but that it has to be cut to model his own unique hair style!

In addition, to challenge their position as the world’s number one boy band, he’s decided to launch his own boy band call Un Direction! A “source” for the Mirror in Pyongyang said that the imitation group will “all be styles to look identical to the North Korean leader and be taught appropriate military style pop-tastic dance moves.

Virgin Trains –  calling at Wolverine station?!

Wolverine Station for ALA GAP Insurance

Virgin Trains announced that they would be changing the name of Wolverhampton train station to Wolverine in honour of the new X-Men: Days of Future Past film. Quite a lot of people in favour in keeping it that way too!

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Published: 1st April 2014
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