ALA National Tea Day Quiz

How well do you know your teas? Test yourself with our fun quiz in homage to National Tea Day.

Published: 20th April 2018

The British are notoriously a nation of tea drinkers – we might order the odd flat white or latte every now and again, but we always come back to a good old cuppa.

In celebration of our obsession with any kind of brew, April 21st is National Tea Day in the UK.

However you drink it, grab your tea and some biscuits (a whole other debate in itself) and take the ALA National Tea Day quiz!

Round One

Each set of pictures below relates to type of tea. Simply decipher the pictures and find the tea!








Round Two

1. Which northern tea-maker has the slogan “Let’s have a proper brew”?

2. Which company famously used chimpanzees in their TV adverts before switching to Johnny Vegas and “Monkey”?

3. Which tea shares its name with a famous Yorkshire brewery and bitter?

Now you’ve got your guesses, scroll down the page to see the answers!

Your Score

Are you one steep ahead with your tea-related knowledge?

3/10 or less – Chai harder next time

4-7/10 – You have excellent abili-teas

8-10/10 – The cuppa is clearly your speciali-tea

Round One: 1 = Earl Grey, 2 = Red Bush, 3 = English Breakfast, 4 = Peppermint, 5 = Green Tea, 6 = Yorkshire, 7 = Camomile
Round Two: 1 = Yorkshire Tea, 2 = PG Tips, 3 = Tetley’s

Published: 20th April 2018
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