April Fool’s Pranks

Every year a number of ever-so-slightly unbelievable adverts for innovative car technology appear. These are released, conspicuously, on April Fool’s Day.

Published: 1st April 2013

Every year a number of ever-so-slightly unbelievable adverts for innovative car technology appear.  These are released, conspicuously, on April Fool’s Day.

Motor companies are one of the biggest culprits for these pranks, with some ranging from low budget pope-mobiles (because of the recession) to technology allowing your car to run on wind power.

The manufacturer with a consistent reputation for April Fool’s day jokes is BMW. As it is otherwise known as one of the biggest manufacturers of luxury prestige cars you could be forgiven for thinking that BMW and BMW owners might take themselves quite seriously.

This just isn’t the case and to prove it here is a selection of the best practical jokes

1. Election Badges

In 2010 Britons were preparing to go to the polls. In honour of the general election BMW offered their customers the chance to personalise their BMW badge to show support for their favoured political party – with a money back guarantee for a hung parliament!

2. Prescription Windscreen

In 2008 Ford issued a statement about their revolutionary solution for drivers needing to wear prescription lenses – the first prescription windscreen. It was sold as eliminating the need for drivers to wear glasses and “can, quite literally, help drivers to see the difference”

3. Bug repellent

Another one from BMW here with Fly Repellent Windscreens advertised to be “…so successful… that, even at high speeds, insects literally bounce off”

BMW April fool for ALA GAP Insurance

4. Rolls Canardly Silver Spoon

In 1963 an announcement was printed that the British Motor Company had taken over Rolls Royce and a small scooter making company and were releasing a car reflecting the merging of the two. This was called the Rolls Canardly Silver Spoon – after a joke that “an old banger that rolls down a hill canardly get up the next”!

Rolls Canardly for ALA GAP Insurance

5. And finally…

Another from BMW – the undisputed king of the April Fool’s Day prank- has to be their “uninvention” of the wheel. In response to a (fictional) EU ruling that right hand drive cars were no longer legally to be driven in mainland Europe, BMW issued an ad detailing the “hands free option” allowing the car to be driven from either front seat with no steering wheel. The idea had been developed by Dr Bitte Fischi and the car worked solely on voice commands issued by the driver. Not sure how this would work if the driver and passenger disagree on a route though!

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Published: 1st April 2013
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