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Are You Ready for Winter?

With a few mornings of frost it looks like winter may soon be upon us and as it is Road Safety Week it’s time to get you and your car winter ready.

Published: 20th November 2013

With a few mornings of frost  it looks like winter may soon be upon us and as it is Road Safety Week it’s time to get  you and your car winter ready.

Stocking your car with de-icer, windscreen scraper, first-aid kit, snow shovel, blankets, warm clothing, sturdy boots, bottled drinking water, in-car phone charger (or external charging device), jump leads, warning triangle can all be extremely important to keep you safe and warm in an emergency.

Winter Tyres

Swapping to winter tyres can give enhance the performance of your vehicle in ice, snow and wet conditions. They are designed to retain flexibility in low temperatures to give better braking and traction – essential in hazardous conditions.

One thing that can be off-putting is the potentially high cost. Winter tyres will benefit people living in rural and remote areas where the icy conditions are likely to be around for longer and so would be more cost effective.

Snow Chains and Snow Socks are a cheaper, temporary alternative to Winter Tyres. Snow Socks are extremely easy to fit. On average a set of Winter Tyres for a standard family car is around £300. Alternatively the starting price for a pair of snow socks is £44.95.

At the very least ensure your tyres have adequate tread, as worn tyres won’t have as much grip on the snow and ice.


The majority of garages will offer a winter service to make sure your car is in tip-top condition for the colder months. Alternatively, check the requirements in your handbook and make sure that you check oil, brake fluid and engine coolant levels are all correct.


With darker mornings and evenings it is important to check that all of your lights work properly and are not damaged in any way. Try to keep spares in the car for replacing blown bulbs in emergencies.

Windscreen Wash

Make sure you top this up and mix with a good quality screen wash to try to prevent freezing in the cold weather.

Stay safe and protect your investment by being prepared for winter and ensuring your car is in good condition.

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Published: 20th November 2013
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