Best Bonfire Night Events in the UK

Remember, remember the 5th of November. Discover some of the best bonfire night events in the UK for Guy Fawkes.

Published: 10th October 2016

Bonfire Night is traditionally held on the 5th of November to commemorate the attempted destruction of the English parliament in 1605 by Guy Fawkes and his group – known as the Gunpowder Plot.

Within three months of the Gunpowder Plot being discovered, an Act of Parliament was passed to appoint 5th November as an annual day of thanksgiving for ‘the joyful day of deliverance’, commonly celebrated with bonfires. Whilst Bonfire Night is no longer mandated by an act of parliament, it remains a traditional celebration with bonfires and fireworks displays occurring around the country.

With the fifth of November fast approaching, ALA GAP Insurance has found some of the best bonfire nights across the UK for your consideration.

Lewes, Sussex – November 5th

One of the most famous bonfire night celebrations in the United Kingdom, the event held in Lewes can trace its origins back to the original declaration of national celebration in 1606. The Lewes Bonfire Celebrations are an incredible spectacle with involvement from six distinct Bonfire Societies, each with their own processions, costumes and bonfire sites – and that’s not including the fireworks display.

The celebrations go on until late – usually around 1am – and include a number of traditional activities such as running whilst carrying burning barrels of tar to the nearest fire, and the crowds can be pretty thick. Definitely one for the adults, and one of the most amazing bonfire night celebrations at the largest November 5th celebration in the world.

Leeds Castle, Kent – November 5th and 6th

The curiously named Leeds Castle (which is absolutely nowhere near Leeds) produces one of the most expensive fireworks shows in the country during the Bonfire Night weekend. Each year has a different theme, and the fireworks are timed to music chosen for that year’s theme – an incredible way of livening up the bonfire night experience.

Gates open early for a falconry display, live music and fairground rides – plenty of activities for all the family to enjoy in an incredible historic setting. Leeds Castle provides one of the best fireworks displays in the country, and the musical themes only encourage you to engage with the event.

Alexandra Palace, London – November 4th and 5th

One of the most recognisable fireworks displays in the world, the Alexandra Palace event is a permanent fixture on the London calendar. The event includes fantastic laser shows, the traditional funfair, and a miniature German Bier Festival. There are even some fabulous food stalls, serving a massive variety of up-to-date and cutting-edge global cuisine to complete your experience of the night.
You also gain the unrivalled opportunity to crash every other Londoners fireworks display from the raised vantage point of Alexandra Palace, overlooking the city skyline.

The Alexandra Palace fireworks display is one of the best in the country, attracting huge crowds every year, and a huge player in the evolution of the traditional celebration.

Blist’s Hill, Shropshire – November 5th

The Blist’s Hill celebrations at Ironbridge are incredibly special – located on the village green of a Victorian town for whom time stopped in the 1800’s. The event is one of the most traditional in the country, with fireworks accompanied by music and the residents dressed in realistic Victorian costumes. The gates of the town open an hour before the show officially begins, to allow visitors a chance to explore the area properly, and learn about life in the 1800’s from the residents of Ironbridge.

The display includes pouring of molten iron, iron-casting demonstrations, and traditional Victorian music to accompany an extravagant fireworks display. Blist’s Hill is definitely Bonfire Night done differently!

Segedunum, North Tyneside – November 3rd

One of the biggest fireworks displays in North-East England, the bonfire night displays at Segedunum are located in one of the most iconic places in the country. An ancient Roman fort at the eastern end of Hadrian’s Wall, Segedunum (meaning “Strong Fort”) has been a feature of Tyneside since AD122 – an incredibly beautiful place to watch the fireworks.

Gates open early to allow visitors time to explore the exposed foundations and the huge interactive museum that includes full-scale reconstructions of several Roman buildings. A 35-metre-high viewing platform provides outstanding views of both the world heritage site and the fantastic fireworks.

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Published: 10th October 2016
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