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Brand New ALA Warranty!

ALA Insurance is delighted to introduce ALA Warranty – our recently added extended warranty product.

Published: 30th August 2013

ALA Insurance is delighted to introduce ALA Warranty – our recently added extended warranty product.

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With our new ALA Warranty we will continue to implement our strongly held company values, specifically providing the best value cover for our customers at competitive prices. As with ALA GAP Insurance, ALA Warranty provide a reliable alternative to enormously expensive policies offered by the dealer and some online providers but without the lower cost of that alternative equating to a substandard warranty product.

Whilst the cover provided by extended warranties can look the same but, as will all insurance policies, it is important to check the small print – although it isn’t exciting reading you will at least know exactly what you’re paying for!

The following points are just a few things to look out for when buying your extended or used car warranty:

1. Trusted Retailer

ALA Insurance is a well established GAP insurance provider and parent company of ALA Warranty. We are consistently customer focused orientated company and ALA Insurance has strong links with other household names, including Autotrader and Honest John.

ALA Warranty replicates the strengths of ALA Insurance with first-rate customer service and high quality, competitively priced products always remaining our top priorities.

2. UK Underwriters

ALA and our underwriters, Ageas Insurance Limited, are fully authorised and regulated by the FCA and as such your policy is covered under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

3. Wear and Tear

Some warranties exclude the cover of any faults deemed to be the cause of normal wear and tear. This phrase can then become a “catch all” method of avoiding payment for broken down parts otherwise covered by the warranty.

ALA Warranty will cover for breakdown of parts due to wear and tear – for no extra cost!

4. Betterment

It is important that your warranty does not contain this type of clause. Its inclusion is likely to necessitate a contribution on your part for a repair which is deemed by the insurer to “better” your position if they cover the cost.

5. Consequential Damage

Where one part of your car breaks down and causes the mechanical failure of another, most warranty providers will exclude this type of so-called “consequential damage” from cover. As standard, ALA Warranty covers for the repair or replacement of parts necessitated by the breakdown of another part.

6. Free Transfer

ALA Warranty allows you to transfer the cover – either to the new owner of your vehicle or for a new warranty on the car you buy as a replacement on a pro rata basis of the unused premium with no administration fee.

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Published: 30th August 2013
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