British Sandwich Week 2018 – Part 2

Food meets geography – can you identify the origin of these delicious sandwiches from around the world?

Published: 23rd May 2018

It’s British Sandwich Week 2018 (20th to 26th May) and earlier in the week we tested our knowledge of popular British sandwich fillings.

It got us thinking about sandwiches around the globe and there are some pretty exciting looking options.

We’ve selected the most mouth-watering sandwiches from around the world. Try our multiple-choice quiz to see of you can match the sandwich to the right country (without feeling too hungry!)

1. Donner Kebab

This pitta bread filled with thinly sliced lamb, lettuce, onions, tomato and yoghurt is popular in the UK (usually after a couple of pints!), but where does it originate?

A. Denmark
B. Turkey

2. Chip Butty

Deep fried potato wrapped in bread and butter – carbs, carbs, carbs! Ketchup or brown sauce, you decide!

A. Iceland
C. The Netherlands

3. Vegemite & Cheese

A paste made from yeast extract smothered on toast + cheese = a love it or hate it kind of sandwich!

A. Australia
B. Brazil
C. Spain

4. Francesinha

More a full-blown meal than a sandwich – a sausage or ham sandwich, topped with cheese, egg and a beer and whiskey-based sauce!

A. Japan
B. Finland
C. Portugal

5. Bratwurst

A meaty sandwich, usually veal, beef or pork sausage, served in a bun with sauerkraut or potato salad.

A. Germany
B. South Africa
C. Mexico

6. Panino

The singular of panini, this toasted sandwich is a good mixture of crunchiness and melted (mozzarella) cheese, usually paired with tomato, basil or pesto.

A. Thailand
B. Italy
C. Russia

7. PB & J

Peanut Butter and Jelly (or jam). Top Tip – apparently you should spread peanut butter on each slice of bread before the jam, to prevent a soggy sandwich!

A. Norway
B. China

8. Croque Monsieur

A toasted brioche sandwich filled with ham and cheese, with more cheese on the outside of the bread, it becomes a Croque Madame if you add an egg.

A. France
B. Belgium
C. Greece

9. Vada Pav

More carbs on carbs, this veggie friendly sandwich consists of battered, dried, deep fried potatoes in a bread bun, served with a choice of chutney.

A. Scotland
B. India
C. Sweden

10. Banh Mi

Pork, vegetables, coriander and a kick from jalapeno pepper – where is this delicious looking baguette from?

B. Cuba
C. Vietnam

Now you’ve got your guesses, scroll down the page to see the answers!
1 = Turkey, 2 = UK, 3 = Australia, 4 = Portugal, 5 = Germany, 6 = Italy, 7 = USA, 8 = France, 9 = India, 10 = Vietnam

Published: 23rd May 2018
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