BS Bingo - The Test

Car Dealer BS* Bingo – The Test

ALA go undercover for a game of BS* Bingo at a car dealership.

Published: 25th October 2018

Car dealership salespeople, according to our recent study, are the least trustworthy profession in Britain, and the results suggest that this is partly due to the fact that they often resort to cunning tactics to make sales, such as using confusing jargon or cliché phrasing.

After our previous research, we created our very own ‘Car Dealer BS* Bingo’ card – helping customers to be more aware of dealers’ BS* (*Big Sell) tactics, and hopefully now avoid them in the future!

But for us, this wasn’t quite enough. So, we decided to do something about it…

BS* Bingo – In Action

We went one step further and put it to the test, by sending out an ‘undercover agent’, equipped with a hidden camera and microphone.

The idea was to play an extra special version of bingo, seeing just how many clichés we could tick off at a dealership.

Check out the video here:

In one visit, we managed to tick off seven of the cliché or jargon phrases – so perhaps the proof is in the pudding!

If you want an objective view of the cheapest alternatives (without the BS*), why not check out the various products and options that we can offer.

Published: 25th October 2018
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