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Car park damage costs UK motorists £716million every year

A new report by Accident Exchange suggests that UK drivers are involved in half a million car park prangs every year – that’s an average of almost 1400 per day!

Published: 20th November 2014

A new report by Accident Exchange suggests that UK drivers are involved in half a million car park prangs every year – that’s an average of almost 1400 per day!

The figures show a 4% rise in this type of vehicle damage since 2010. Whilst this doesn’t sound like a vast increase, the average repair cost is £1428 per incident – making it a potentially expensive trip to the supermarket!

Despite the fact these incidents are mostly low-speed in nature, it’s clear a significant amount of damage can still be done to the bumpers, doors and bodywork.

The research suggests that outdated requirements for the size of parking spaces are part of the problem, with some of the blame attributed to the steadily increasing width of new vehicles on the market.

One example of this is the Volkswagen Golf. The newest model is 6ft 7in wide leaving just 6.5 inches of space either side in a standard parking space. Compare this to the 1974 model, which was just 5ft 7in wide, drivers had more than 1ft of clearance when getting out of their car.

With more motorists seeming to opt for the relative luxury of larger vehicle like the Ford Kuga, Nissan Qashqai and BMW X5, it’s easy to see how drivers are being short-changed on parking space.

BMW in 2 spaces

Poor visibility in the cabins of modern cars may also be partly responsible for increased numbers of collisions, with cars being built with larger pillars and wider sills than their older counterparts to comply with more advanced EU safety regulations.

With such a range of contributing factors it could save cars, drivers and their bank balances a lot of trouble and expense if we took time to be more aware of our surroundings. Failing that, there’s always ALA Scratch and Dent insurance!

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Published: 20th November 2014
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