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Euro 2016 Guide

For football fan across the country, the wait is over. On June 10th, Euro 2016 finally kicked off, with the hopes and dreams of the nation resting in the hands of England’s finest footballers.

Published: 6th June 2016

For football fan across the country, the wait is over. On June 10th, Euro 2016 finally kicked off, with the hopes and dreams of the nation resting in the hands of England’s finest footballers.

Here at ALA GAP Insurance we decided to put together a Euro 2016 Guide to ensure fans get to France safely and enjoy the footy feast once they’re there.

Euro 2016 Groups

Below you will find all Euro 2015 teams, groups, fixtures and the channel each game is shown on.

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F
Albania England Germany Croatia Belgium Austria
France Russia N. Ireland Czech Italy Hungary
Romania Slovakia Poland Spain Ireland Iceland
Switzerland Wales Ukraine Turkey Sweden Portugal

Euro 2016 Fixtures

As Euro 2016 has been expanded to 24 teams, the tournament now lasts 4 week, just like the Word Cup. Match times are 14:00, 17:00 or 20:00 BST, with the BBC and ITV covering the games.

Group A

Match Date Time Stadium TV Station
France v Romania June 10 20:00 St-Denis ITV
Albania v Switzerland June 11 14:00 Lens BBC
Romania v Switzerland June 15 17:00 Paris ITV
France v Albania June 15 20:00 Marseille ITV
Romania v Albania June 19 20:00 Lyon BBC
Switzerland v France June 19 20:00 Lille BBC


Group B

Match Date Time Stadium TV Station
Wales v Slovakia June 11 17:00 Bordeaux BBC
England v Russia June 11 20:00 Marseille ITV
Russia v Slovakia June 15 14:00 Lille BBC
England v Wales June 16 14:00 Lens BBC
Russia v Wales June 20 20:00 Toulouse ITV
Slovakia v England June 20 20:00 St-Etienne ITV


Group C

Match Date Time Stadium TV Station
Poland v Northern Ireland June 12 17:00 Nice BBC
Germany v Ukraine June 12 20:00 Lille BBC
Ukraine v Northern Ireland June 16 17:00 Lyon ITV
Germany v Poland June 16 20:00 St-Denis ITV
Ukraine v Poland June 21 17:00 Marseille BBC
Northern Ireland v Germany June 21 17:00 Paris BBC


Group D

Match Date Time Stadium TV Station
Turkey v Croatia June 12 14:00 Paris ITV
Spain v Czech Republic June 13 14:00 Toulouse ITV
Czech Republic v Croatia June 17 17:00 St-Etienne BBC
Spain v Turkey June 17 20:00 Nice ITV
Czech Republic v Turkey June 21 20:00 Lens ITV
Croatia v Spain June 21 20:00 Bordeaux ITV


Group E

Match Date Time Stadium TV Station
Republic of Ireland v Sweden June 13 17:00 St-Denis BBC
Belgium v Italy June 13 20:00 Lyon BBC
Italy v Sweden June 17 14:00 Toulouse ITV
Belgium v Republic of Ireland June 18 14:00 Bordeaux ITV
Italy v Republic of Ireland June 22 20:00 Lille ITV
Sweden v Belgium June 22 20:00 Nice ITV


Group F

Match Date Time Stadium TV Station
Austria v Hungary June 14 17:00 Bordeaux ITV
Portugal v Iceland June 14 20:00 St-Etienne BBC
Iceland v Hungary June 18 17:00 Marseille BBC
Portugal v Austria June 18 20:00 Paris BBC
Iceland v Austria June 22 17:00 St-Denis BBC
Hungary v Portugal June 22 17:00 Lyon BBC


Last 16

Match Match Date Time Stadium
Match 1 Runner-up Group A v Runner-up C June 25 14:00 St-Etienne
Match 2 Winner D v Third-place B/E/F June 25 20:00 Lens
Match 3 Winner B v Third-place A/C/D June 25 17:00 Paris
Match 4 Winner F v Runner-up E June 26 20:00 Toulouse
Match 5 Winner C v Third-place A/B/F June 26 17:00 Lille
Match 6 Winner E v Runner-up D June 27 17:00 St-Denis
Match 7 Winner A v Third-place C/D/E June 27 14:00 Lyon
Match 8 Runner-up B v Runner-up F June 27 20:00 Nice



Match Date Time Stadium
Winner Match 1 v Winner Match 2 June 30 20:00 Marseille
Winner Match 3 v Winner Match 4 July 1 20:00 Lille
Winner Match 5 v Winner Match 6 July 2 20:00 Bordeaux
Winner Match 7 v Winner Match 8 July 3 20:00 St-Denis



Match Date Time Stadium
Winner QF1 v Winner QF2 July 6 20:00 Lyon
Winner QF3 v Winner QF4 July 7 20:00 Marseille



Match Date Time Stadium
Winner SF1 v Winner SF2 July 10 20:00 St-Denis


Euro 2016 Travel Advice

Working with their consulates in France, the British Government has created a ‘Be on the Ball’ information guide for football fans travelling to the 2016 UEFA European Championship Finals.

EURO 2016 Travelling Guide

Euro 2016 Health Advice

Drink driving
The maximum legal level of alcohol in the blood is 0.05 grams per litre for experienced car drivers. Bus and coach drivers must not have more than 0.02 grams per litre of alcohol in the blood. For drivers with less than 3 years’ driving experience, the alcohol limit is now 0.2 grams per litre.

Drugs and tobacco
The use, possession and distribution of recreational drugs is prohibited. If caught, you risk being put in prison immediately. EURO 2016 has banned the use, sale or promotion of all forms of tobacco in all stadiums.

Summer heat
Temperatures in France during the summer can be high, so beware of sunstroke and dehydration. People over sixty are vulnerable to heat, as are children.

  • When outside, stay in the shade and always wear sunscreen.
  • Use light bed linen and sheets to avoid heat accumulation.
  • If there is no air conditioning in your room and it is safe to do so, open all windows and shutters during the night and the early morning.
  • Keep cool and drink liquids

Safety and security
Once you have reached your destination, take the time to be familiarise yourself with your surroundings. When arriving at stadiums and fan zones, locate the emergency exits and the first aid posts. Medical first aid rooms at stadiums and fan zones are indicated by a sign with a white cross on a green field.

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Published: 6th June 2016
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