Happy Easter from ALA

Easter is just around the corner – and, with any luck, so is some better weather!

Published: 28th March 2013

Easter is just around the corner – and, with any luck, so is some better weather!

With the big chill currently keeping us firmly stuck in winter, here at ALA we thought we’d try to bring some sunshine into your day with these Easter themed cars.

Take a look at the fabulous Lindt Gold Bunny car.

Lindt Easter Car for ALA GAP Insurance

It was originally launched almost ten years ago for the 2004 Easter holidays. It has since been spotted in a number of iconic locations. These have mostly been in the USA and Canada, in Times Square…

Lindt Car in Times Square for ALA GAP Insurance

…and outside Macy’s department store in New York but there have been some sightings in the UK.

It has also been spied in London outside the British Vogue headquarters – and we can live in hope that its on its way to us at ALA with some Easter treats!

Lindt Car for ALA GAP Insurance

Not one to be outdone, Cadbury has a specially designed Creme Egg car – although they did in fact have the idea first, originating back to the 1980’s.

Creme Egg Car for ALA GAP Insurance

The fleet of five egg-shaped vehicles, created from a (heavily) modified Bedford Rascal chassis, can be seen around the Cadbury Factory in the Bourneville model village in Birmingham.

Sadly, even the incredible Creme Egg car isn’t immune to breaking down!

Creme Egg being Towed for ALA GAP Insurance

Happy Easter from ALA!

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Published: 28th March 2013
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