GAP Insurance Coverage

GAP Insurance Coverage

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GAP insurance coverage: everything you need to know

A car is one of the biggest investments most people will make, so they need to be protected against any eventuality. In this guide, we will explain GAP insurance coverage in full, from what it does and doesn’t cover, to whom and where coverage applies.

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GAP insurance: what it covers

Read our expert guide on GAP Insurance to look at what is covered on a GAP insurance policy and help you understand which type of policy would be best for you.

GAP insurance: what it doesn’t cover

In this guide, we’re going to discuss some of the things a GAP insurance policy won’t cover and how to use this information when choosing the best type of GAP insurance for you.

GAP insurance: who it covers

In this expert guide, we’re going to take a look at who can (and can’t) be covered by a GAP insurance policy and how to use this information to help you choose a suitable policy for you.