Looking forward. Top tips to organise the year ahead

Roxie Nafousi exclusively shares her top tips to get organised for 2021.

Published: 1st January 2021

As we come into January, after a much needed Christmas break, we have a unique opportunity to look ahead at all the possibility that a new year brings to us.

We have a chance to set goals, to commit to healthy habits and to let go of anything that was not serving us in the year just gone. With all this open opportunity, it is even more important than ever to make sure that we are getting organised! I truly believe that being organised, and being prepared, is as important to our wellbeing as exercise or meditation as they all have a vital role to play in our stress levels.

Many of you reading this will know that familiar feeling when you organise your wardrobe, sort through your pantry or clean out your inbox; it leaves you with a feeling of utter relief and a sense of clarity. When we take time to organise our lives, we literally feel lighter and have more space and energy to focus on the things we really need to pay attention to.

Allowing to-do lists to pile up, unfinished, can have an incredibly negative impact on our overall wellbeing. It can cause a build-up of stress, anxiety, pressure and can create a constant feeling of things becoming unmanageable. I have definitely spent nights unable to fall asleep as my mind races through an ever-growing list of un-done tasks! It is so important that we find ways to keep on top of our life admin so that we can prevent ourselves becoming overwhelmed later in the year.

Here are a few simple ways to get organised in 2021.

1) Get Ahead:

As we go into the new year, make sure that you write a list of all the things that are currently unfinished that you need to complete. Commit to working through them one by one so that you can start the year ahead of the game!

2) Commit to an Admin Day:

Schedule in a couple of hours in your week that becomes your ‘admin/organisation’ time. Doing it at the same time each week will allow it to become a habit which means you will be able to commit to it easily. Make sure that you complete as much as you can within this time. If for any reason you have a schedule clash, make sure you do it at the next possible time to really keep on top of it.

3) Keep a To Do List:

It seems simple but so many of us forget to keep a to-do list close by. Personally, I use the ‘notes’ section of my phone but you can have a paper version too. As soon as a task comes in, make sure to add it to your list – don’t just rely on your memory as we all know that can get us get us into trouble further down the line! Marking your task as complete when it has been done is such a brilliant feeling too, it’s almost worth having the to do list just for that sense of achievement when you tick it off ☺

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Published: 1st January 2021
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