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Our guide to three of the greatest car shows of the year.

Published: 8th August 2016

Motor shows occur around the year across the globe, attracting hundreds of thousands of motoring fans, car enthusiasts and journalists.

The biggest names in vehicle manufacturing deliver stunning exhibitions and displays, and reveal the future of motoring. ALA GAP Insurance have produced a guide to three of the greatest car shows of the year, to give you an idea of what to expect.

Goodwood Revival (11/09/16)

Goodwood was revived, as you might have guessed from the name, in 1998 by the Earl of March – over 30 years after the original closure of the motor circuit. The event has since become one of the biggest historic motorsport events in the world, held every year for the entertainment of thousands.

Staged at Goodwood Motor Circuit in mid-September, the event is as much defined by its period dress code, as it is by the classic vehicles in attendance; tweeds and trilbies for men, furs and frocks for the ladies.

The Friday of Revival gives you the first chance to see all the cars, bikes and aircraft on show, including one full race – although most competitive drivers usually use the day to get to know the track and work out any mechanical issues with their vehicles.

Saturday increases the action, with seven races on the programme, and a huge amount of off-track entertainment at the Over the Road and on the High Street areas of the festival, including a fantastic mix of activities for guests away from the racing.
Sunday brings another seven races, and the crowning of various trophy winners – a packed day of racing and off-track theatrics.

International Motor Show (IMS), Germany (22/09/16)

The IMS, also known as the Frankfurt Motor Show, is one of the biggest international motor shows in the world – both in terms of its size and significance to the global automotive industry. It rotates every two years with the Paris Motor Show, another titan of the automotive world, and predominantly features German manufacturers such as BMW and Volkswagen.

The IMS has been a focal point of the motoring industry since the early beginnings of motor vehicles themselves. The first Show was in 1897, featuring only 8 vehicles in total and exhibited to the public in Berlin. From here, regular exhibitions were established and by 1991 had to be separated into alternating shows of passenger cars and commercial vehicles due to the huge visitor numbers.

The current show still separates commercial and passenger vehicles; the commercial vehicle show is described as the world’s leading trade fair for mobility, transportation and logistics. Exhibitors come from across a number of different industries, and the show boasts new release events, trade displays and discussions on the future of the industry.

The IMS has an incredibly broad spectrum of events and manufacturers, and provides a comprehensive overview of the international vehicle industry.

L.A. Auto Show (18/11/16)

Founded in 1907, the Los Angeles Auto Show is amongst the oldest and most influential motor shows still running. Spanning 870,000 square feet, the LA Auto Show is a huge production designed to feature the who’s who of the motoring world.

World-class manufacturers are predominantly in residence; showing off concept cars, revealing the latest models, and even displaying technological examples of what they consider to be the future of motoring.

The show even includes special press and trade days for manufacturers to organise displays for over 18,000 industry influencers and press representatives, as well as a full conference to bring manufacturers and customers together.

The entire show lasts for 10 days, making it one of the largest motoring shows in the world.

These three represent some of the greatest international car shows available to fans of the motor vehicle. Frequented by some of the greatest manufacturers in the world and often displaying vehicles months before they go on sale, alongside incredible prototypes and technical innovations. Motor shows are a brilliant place to be for car connoisseurs and amateurs alike.

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Published: 8th August 2016
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