Strangest Things Insured by Celebrities

It’s always sensible to have a good insurance policy as you never know what might happen.

Published: 20th February 2013

It’s always sensible to have a good insurance policy as you never know what might happen.

Whilst it is a given that we insure our cars, our homes and maybe even our pets, I doubt many of us have thought about insuring a part of our body, our sense of humour or our voice.

For us mere mortals, the likelihood of us needing to do this is remote but certain celebrities have resorted to strange insurance policies to protect their income and with the amounts they are insuring themselves for we bet the premiums were colossal!

Here are 10 of the best:

Ant and Dec

The Geordie presenting duo are rumoured to have insured themselves against the event of each other’s death, with the survivor rumoured to receive a several million pound payout. Ant told the Radio Times that if anything did happen to his showbiz other-half he “would be the first person the police come to because I’ve got a motive”

Ken Dodd

Many people would probably prefer to spend good money correcting any problems with their teeth. The comedian Ken Dodd, however, insured his trademark teeth for £4 million against any damage to their appearance

Betty Grable

The 1940’s pin up became known as “the girl with the million dollar legs” after her studio insured them for £1 million each with Lloyd’s of London. This would equate to around £25 million in today’s money!

Bruce Springsteen

The singer, also known as “The Boss” covered his trademark voice for £3 million, again with Lloyd’s of London. There has been a refusal to disclose the amount paid for the policy or how long ago it was taken out but it could be as far back as 1988.

Michael Flatley

Yet another set of superstar legs insured. Michael Flatley of Riverdance and Lord of the Dance had the highest insurance policy ever taken on a dancer’s legs at a whopping $47 million dollars.

Keith Richards

The ageing Rolling Stones guitarist reportedly had his hands insured for a rocking $2 million.

Rich Hall

American comedian Rich Hall has possibly won the award for most obscure and hardest to prove insurance policy – insuring himself against the permanent loss of humour for £1 million.

Heidi Klum

The Victoria’s Secret model had her legs insured for £1.2 million. She famously stated that, after having her legs examined a small scar was noted on her left leg, making it worth £100,000 less than her right leg.

Egon Ronay

The world renowned food critic and author of various titles including Egon Ronay’s Guide to British Eateries, whose endorsements could make or break restaurants, insured his taste buds in 1957 for $400,000.


Perhaps the most well known of all the celebrities trying to protect their assets is J-Lo, who was famously reported, but not confirmed, to have insured her derrière for $27 million.

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Published: 20th February 2013
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