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At ALA we pride ourselves on our award-winning customer service. This is especially important to our customers, and to us, should they need to make a claim.

We have many regular customers who return to us over the years, some who have made a claim, and a lot of our custom comes from recommendations to friends and family members. As a trusted provider of GAP insurance, and other motor related insurance products, customer feedback is very important to us, as it helps us to continuously monitor and improve our services and procedures.

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  • In 2016, we paid 100% of all claims submitted by our customers
  • Our highest claim paid to date was for £37,867.52
  • Total value of claims paid out by ALA Insurance in 2017 alone was £2,202,041.41

Verified Customer Claims Reviews

Vehicle Replacement Plus GAP

Verified Claim Review
Published 31 March 2014

From start to finish the whole process of claiming on the GAP insurance policy with ALA was simple and straightforward. The lady in the office who I talked to, Cathy, was helpful, friendly and gave me good guidance on what to do. The claim was settled as quickly as ALA could, given the limitations from my main insurer and there were no quibbles or disputes. If you are in any doubt about whether to get GAP insurance or not I would say "yes" every time. This policy saved me losing over £9000 on the price of my Mercedes which was stolen on the back of a lorry! I've now taken out another policy with ALA and would whole-heartedly recommend them!

I Tomlinson

Alloy Wheel Insurance

Verified Claim Review
Published 31 March 2014


I bought a new BMW M3 and thought I had better look into getting GAP insurance to cover any shortfall between an insurance payout and the cost of a new M3 if I was unfortunate enough to write it off in the first four years of ownership.

People on the forums had good things to say about ALA and they were quite a bit cheaper than BMW's own GAP insurance so I decided to go with ALA.

They offered a few add-ons like alloy wheel cover, tyre cover and scratch and dent cover. These were all cheap and I thought I might as well go for the whole package.

Well, despite my best efforts after eight months of ownership I misjudged a kerb and scuffed one of my beautiful alloy wheels. I was about to take it to a wheel repair place when I remembered my ALA alloy wheel cover so I gave them a call.

I have to say that my claim was handled very quickly and efficiently. Within a couple of days a mobile repair van was sent to my home to sort out the damage. I was a bit sceptical that they could do a decent repair with the wheel still on the car but when the repair was done it was virtually impossible to tell where the damage had been. Only a very close inspection would find it - and even then only if you knew it was there in the first place.

I am very impressed with their service and would recommend them.

J Leverton

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Verified Claim Review
Published 31 March 2014

I purchased GAP insurance for a replacement car having had my previous car written off. I heard about GAP insurance from the car dealer where I bought the car, but purchased it myself online because I wanted to read up on GAP insurance, check reviews of suppliers and prices. I purchased a policy from ALA because the price and service sounded good.

Six months later, my replacement car was hit by a van and would have cost so much to repair, that it was written off. I approached the GAP insurance claim with a sense of scepticism, but I could not have been more surprised. I expected quibbling and wriggling, but instead I received super efficient, friendly and professional service. It took a little while to receive the cheque BUT only because it took so long for the main insurer to complete things, but as soon as that was done, the GAP insurance cheque arrived in a couple of days.

Like another reviewer here, I was surprised that part of the claims process is paper/mail-led but it’s not really a problem. The forms are very easy to complete.

Well done for providing excellent service. I have taken out ALA GAP insurance to cover my new car. Let’s hope I don’t need to use it!

A Salmon

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Verified Claim Review
Published 28 March 2014

My claim experience with ALA following a total loss was fantastic, a really superb experience.

Claims Administrators advised on on the settlement I should anticipate to receive from my insurer, and when the insurer settled under the expected amount I thought I would have to go backwards and forwards until the settlement offered was enough to satisfy the administrators. This was not the case - they settled immediately and I was very impressed.

I have renewed my business with ALA and thank everyone involved for a fantastic procedure.

P Ableson

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Verified Claim Review
Published 27 March 2014

All went OK with the claim, thank you, although the process could have been made quicker in my opinion.

The claims administrators were asking for things that the insurer had either taken over or they had the original documentation.

I feel that if I could of gone on a website and uploaded the documents and also seen a process flow of my claim it would have been beneficial. I found myself communicating by email and then getting letters in the post in return. Please don't get me wrong the service was good but could of been much slicker. I purchased the policy from an online provider and would of thought the claims process would have been online too. The documents sent for me to complete also held duplicate questions so I was writing the same things down.

After all that though I would purchase GAP again and I would use ALA again.

Note from Simon England, MD:

Thank you for your feedback on your recent GAP claim. We have taken your comments on board in relation to submitting documents online.

M Dixon

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Verified Claim Review
Published 25 March 2014

I found the whole process fast and painless! Very impressed, kept regularly updated of progress and outstanding paperwork. Would highly recommend!

K Mussell

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Verified Claim Review
Published 5 March 2014

Great service from all your team and a very fast response, would not hesitate in using ALA again or simply recommending the service to anyone in the future.

R Bonner

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Verified Claim Review
Published 4 February 2014

I found your service to be exceptionally good and the claims assistant to be very helpful.

She guided me through the necessary steps after my insurance company gave me a very low initial offer.

Once I received the amended settlement from my insurance company and I sent in the relevant documents, my claim was settled with amazing speed.

I would definitely use your company again and would recommend you to all my friends and family.

J Law

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Verified Claim Review
Published 21 October 2013

I had the misfortune of having to claim on my ALA GAP policy after my car was declared a write off.

I sent my forms off on the Monday morning and the cheque from ALA arrived with me on Wednesday, fantastic!

I renewed my business with ALA because of the way the claim was handled.

A Ramsay

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Verified Claim Review
Published 15 October 2013

Upon making a GAP insurance claim I spoke to the claims administrators who dealt with my claim in a polite and prompt fashion.

The lady whom I spoke to was very pleasant and provided excellent service - so much so I sent a thank you letter to her once I had received the settlement cheque.

I received payment within 1 week and am very pleased with the whole process, resulting in renewal of my business with ALA. I wish I could say the same good things about my comprehensive insurance company!

B Quaile

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