GAP Insurance Claim Testimonial from Neil Owens


Hello, my names Neil and as a thank you for the excellent service I received when I had an accident this is a short testimonial for ALA GAP Insurance.

Four years ago I bought a brand new Citroen C1, at the time the dealership explained to me what GAP Insurance was and offered it at almost £500 for 3 years. The idea of GAP Insurance sounded good to me but the price was a little steep so I thought I’d look round on the internet to see if I could get a better deal.

I found the ALA website and got a quote for just over £100 for 3 years which is obviously much better. Just over a year later I was stopped at some traffic lights and hit from behind by someone doing nearly 40 miles per hour. My car was written off and my insurance company offered me about 75% of the cost of buying a new car of the same make and model. This would’ve meant I could only afford a 1 year old car which was a bit upsetting as I looked after my car and knew it had been driven gently and regularly serviced.

Luckily I’d taken out a vehicle replacement policy at ALA and they paid out the difference between what the insurance company had offered and the cost of a new car and they did so very quickly. So I had a new car again that I could drive gently and look after, needless to say I took out another ALA policy on that one. That car has just reached the end of its 3 years and I’ve just bought a new one and taken out another policy with ALA.

To me, GAP Insurance is a no brainer if like you me you like to look after your car and knowing insurance companies don’t give you what you think it’s worth you’d be silly not to have it and if you’re going to have it, you need to get it from a professional company that treats its customers right. ALA fit that description.

I fully recommend ALA to family, friends and work colleagues and I’ll continue to recommend them as they are an example of how I think insurance companies should be. I hope this video helps you decide you need GAP Insurance and I hope you take it with ALA, thank you.

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