What Is Back To Invoice GAP Insurance?


"Hi, my name is Simon England of ALA Insurance Brokers.

This video is going to briefly talk about Back To Invoice GAP Insurance. Now I’d like to make a quick differentiation with our policy against many supplied online or through dealers.

What we offer is Back To Invoice Plus policy – this is a combination of a Back To Invoice and Finance GAP. Now we at ALA understand that if you have a car on finance, it may be more advantageous for you to make sure that in the event that your car gets written off early on in the finance agreement, that if you owe more on the finance once those charges are applied, that the GAP Insurance will clear that. And as time goes on and it’s more advantageous for you to get paid back to your invoice price, that’s exactly what the policy does.

Ours is a combination of that so whichever case you find yourself in, that GAP Insurance policy will help you out. Also, the polices can be for up to 4 years, all policies will cover any named driver on your comprehensive insurance policy and we also offer a transfer policy in the event you change your car earlier, any unused premium we will transfer onto a new vehicle or onto the replacement policy for you."

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