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Frequently Asked Questions


To assist you in your choice of warranty product we have put together our customers most frequently asked questions...

Stop driving and contact our Claims Administrator on 0191 258 8141. They will provide authorisation for the repairer to carry out the necessary repairs.

To keep things flexible for you we do not specify where you have to take your car in the event of a claim.

If you opt for the Non-Franchise cover, you can take your car to any independent VAT registered garage. This covers a maximum estimated labour rate of up to £70.00 per hour, and the possible use of factored parts.

Alternatively, for an additional premium, you can choose the Franchise cover. This means you can take the car to the relevant main dealer, like Audi or BMW. This allows for up to £200.00 per hour including VAT for labour and the higher cost of genuine manufacturer parts.

ALA settles any repair costs directly with the repairer. If you have to have repairs carried out outside our office hours and have to pay the costs upfront then we will reimburse you directly.

You should always have your vehicle serviced according to the service interval recommended by the manufacturer.

This should be done at a VAT registered garage and would be paid for at your own expense. Failure to do so will invalidate your ALA Warranty.

We recommend that you use a reliable professional or main dealer, where the work carried out is guaranteed and in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines.

Yes, your ALA Warranty is fully refundable within the 30 day cooling off period, provided there are no claims which have been requested as part of the cover.

When your cover is due to expire, we will contact you regarding the possible renewal of your ALA Warranty. Provided the vehicle still meets the requirements of the cover we can provide a new quote less any returning customer discount.

There are a few options if you do decide to sell your vehicle covered with us. If no claims have been made, then we are able to offer you a pro-rata rebate against a new warranty with us on a replacement car. Alternatively, the cover can be transferred with the car to the new owner of your vehicle.

An inspection is not necessary; however, we reserve the right to be able to inspect your vehicle or request a photograph of your milometer in individual situations. Your car must have a valid MOT at the time you purchase a warranty and your car must have been serviced according to the manufacturer’s specifications at a VAT registered garage.

Yes, it is widely accepted that, when buying a car one with a full service history will have been looked after and so be more reliable. This not only reassures you of the cars past but will also be more appealing when you come to selling your car. In order to qualify for ALA Warranty it is essential that the car has been fully serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations using a VAT registered garage.

ALA Warranty can cover private cars only, which are not used for excluded purposes and which carry no more than eight people including the driver.

We cannot cover commercial vehicles, taxis, private hire vehicles, courier services, vehicles used for haulage or transportation of goods or motorcycles.

Yes. We pride ourselves on being a UK company. We are based in Malton, North Yorkshire and if you need to discuss any aspect of your cover you will always be speaking to one of our UK advisors.

If our offices are closed please leave us a message or send us an email so that we do have some details on record. You would be able to have the repair carried out and pay the money to the repairer yourself. Please ensure that you obtain VAT receipts and, where possible, retain the old parts for potential inspection. Then simply make your claim when the office reopens and any payment owed will be made directly to you.

ALA Warranty does not limit your annual mileage. There are also no maximum limits on your total mileage throughout the course of the warranty, provided the car has covered less than 80,000 miles at the start of the policy.

If you break down due to a fault covered by your ALA Warranty we will reimburse you for the cost of recovery expenses up to a maximum of £250 (inc VAT) per breakdown.

Where a breakdown occurs more than 50 miles from your home and you have no means of continuing your journey, you will also be covered for £50 per person (up to a maximum of £250) for an overnight stay or onward travel costs.

We will reimburse you up to £50 per day, up to a maximum of £250 inclusive of VAT, for up to 5 days car hire whilst your vehicle is being repaired

If you breakdown whilst travelling anywhere in the EU because of a fault covered by your policy then you are covered by your ALA Warranty for 60 days in a 12 month period for the equivalent UK costs of the repair.

We accept payment using all major credit and debit cards. Cover can be purchased for a one-off payment and we also accept payment by monthly instalments.

Ask the garage if they will contact one of our customer service team to log the fault on the vehicle. They do not need to have an account with us; they just need to confirm the fault with your vehicle in their professional view so that we can assess the failure. If they do not do this we do not have any information to work with but the majority of repairers will be happy to contact us to provide us with this data.

ALA Warranty prides itself on the excellent customer care our team and our suppliers provide and the strength of the products that you purchase from us. We therefore take any feedback or complaints very seriously.

If you do have a complaint, please follow the procedures below:

For complaints regarding the sale of the policy, please contact ALA directly

By telephone: 01653 916304
By email:
By post: ALAIB Limited T/A ALA Insurance Brokers
Unit 3, Park Farm Courtyard
YO17 6QX

For complains relating to claims please contact the claims administrator MBG Insurance Services:

By telephone: 0191 258 8141
By post: Mechanical Breakdown & General Insurance Services Limited
Cobalt Business Exchange
Cobalt Park Way
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE28 9NZ

If your complaint cannot be resolved by the end of the third working day, it will be passed to:

Customer Relations Department
UK General Insurance Limited
Cast House
Old Mill Business Park
Gibraltar Island Road
LS10 1RJ

Tel: 0345 218 2685

In all correspondence please state that Your insurance is provided by UK General Insurance Limited and quote scheme reference 05297D.

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Customer Notice: This policy is currently unavailable. For more information please contact one of the ALA team. If you'd like to be notified when these policies are available please contact us on contact us.