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To protect your vehicle

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At ALA, we understand that buying a GAP policy can often be complex, and we pride ourselves on giving open and honest feedback to our existing and potential customers to help them fully understand the options available.

We also work in partnership with insurance companies to agree insurance estimates should your car be written off or stolen, so we can guarantee that we pay out the total shortfall, ensuring you are not left out of pocket.

If you have any particular questions, we are always happy to help.

Got a question to ask?

“Is the figure quoted a one off payment or an annual premium?”

“I have bought a car for my daughter and plan to pass ownership to her at a later date, will the GAP policy remain valid?

“Some competitors of ALA will defer the start of a vehicle replacement policy for the first year to coincide with my comprehensive insurer's offer of a 'new for old' replacement for the first year - why doesn't ALA?

“I own the car and have it insured in my name but my husband is a named driver. Is he covered?

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Is it Worth It?

GAP Insurance will protect you if you write off your vehicle. It will ensure that you are not left out of pocket if you have a total insurance loss by covering any shortfall between your insurance pay out and the amount outstanding on the finance agreement.

Over half a million cars are stolen each year, most of these are written off or vandalised. Add to that the large number of accidents each year and you could be the next person to suffer a vehicle write off. A GAP policy will cover you against financial loss should your car be stolen and/or written off.

Most of us think our Comprehensive Motor Insurance covers us if our vehicle is written off... THINK AGAIN!

If your vehicle is written off your motor insurer will only pay the current market value for your vehicle!

So what happens if the current market value is not enough to replace your vehicle or pay off your finance or contract hire agreement?

Simple, there is a financial GAP that you will have to pay out of your own pocket:

Why should I purchase GAP Insurance?

  • UK Car Crime is a third of all crime
  • A vehicle is stolen every minute, 33% of these are never recovered
  • Cars depreciate by up to 77% over a 3 year period
  • Motor insurance settlements are always less than the price you pay for your car
  • When a write off occurs you lose out and have to raise the funds for any short fall
  • Write offs occur all too often; protect yourself

Our Latest Testimonial

“I was well aware that purchasing GAP from car dealer at point of purchase of vehicle was a rip off, and even the Audi dealer was somewhat embarrassed by their price. Your offer/presentation was obviously the best on the web.....................Couldn't have been clearer or simpler and great to very easily access, and talk to one of your informed and friendly team.........................Maintain ease of access to your team. It's marvelous in this day and age to get straight through to a person!.....................I've just purchased an expensive car which although holds its value better than most will still suffer from relatively high depreciation sums in its earlier years.”

Ken S, Herne Bay

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