What is Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance?

This insurance provides cover for your Tyre and Alloy Wheels should damage happen while out and about.

The damage caused by scraping your alloys against a kerb or scuffs caused by road debris damage can be frustrating, and damage to your tyres could be dangerous.

This policy covers the SMART repair of accidental damage to the Alloy Wheels on your car, and will make them look like new. It also covers you for up to three replacement tyres if they are accidentally or maliciously damaged during the policy term.

We have the option of 1, 2 or 3 year policies depending on what you decide, and you can pay monthly or pay the full price upfront.


Do I need Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance?

Tyres and Alloy Wheels can be expensive to repair or replace; especially if you opt for an upgraded version of the base model. Should you have any damage to these upgrades, you could be forced to fork out a lot of money to get those repairs made.

Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance takes that financial pain out of the equation and gives you peace of mind that a quality job will be done and covered under the insurance.

This insurance can be bought as a stand-alone product without buying another product from us, or it is a good accompaniment to your GAP insurance policy with us. If this sounds like something you would benefit from, why not get a quote from us.


Am I eligible for Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance?

  • Your vehicle must be a maximum of 7 years old at the start date of this policy
  • Your vehicle must have completed less than 70,000 miles at the start date of this policy
  • You must supply us with Electronic Images of all four wheels and tyres prior to this policy being accepted, this is to confirm the Alloy Wheels and Tyres are not damaged

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What is covered?

Repair of minor cosmetic damage to Alloy Wheels

Malicious damage, if accompanied by a crime reference number

Only £15 excess

SMART repairs carried out by our approved mobile repairer

Where Alloy Wheel is damaged beyond a SMART repair, £150 paid to you as contribution towards replacement Alloy Wheel

Repair or replacement of damaged tyres

Make up to 3 claims per year for your Alloy Wheels

Make up to 3 tyre claims over the policy term

This insurance is valid for vehicles in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man

Policy Documents

View Policy Wording and IPID for Type and Alloy Wheel Insurance

What is a SMART Repair?

  • SMART is an acronym for “small to medium area repair technique”
  • A SMART repair of an Alloy Wheel involves the in-situ refurbishment and re-painting of the damaged wheel by our approved repairer (There must be an off-road area like a driveway for the technician to complete the work safely)
  • SMART repairs minor cosmetic damage and defects - If a cosmetic repair is not possible we will give you £150 towards a replacement Alloy Wheel. Result!
  • It is worth noting that SMART repair would not be able to repair structural damage including cracked, buckled or distorted wheels.
SMART Repair

What is not covered under this policy?

As with any insurance product, there are exclusions and circumstances that are not covered. View the full list of these exclusions and not covered circumstances below.

We will not pay any claims in respect of:

a) More than three Alloy Wheel claims in any twelve- month period.

b) Where the damage of Your Alloy Wheels is deemed to be a manufacturing defect.

c) Theft of Alloy Wheels.

d) Cracked or buckled Alloy Wheel(s).

e) Alloy Wheels with split rim construction or with chrome effect finishes.

f) Non- standard or aftermarket Alloy Wheels.

g) Damage caused by driving whilst a tyre is deflated or because of tyre replacement.

h) Damage present on any Alloy Wheels prior to the start of this policy.

i) Any deliberate damage caused by You or any omission on Your part.

j) Failure of the Approved Repairer to match the cosmetic finish of any other Alloy Wheel on the Vehicle.

We will not pay any claims in respect of:

a) Wear and Tear, including any unevenly worn Tyres caused by defective steering geometry

b) Outside manufacturer's recommended limits, or wheel balance; failure of a suspension component or shock absorber or which in the opinion of a qualified engineer was caused wholly or partly from a lack of maintenance e.g. incorrect Tyre pressure. More than three Tyre claims for Vehicles or two Tyre(s) claims for motorbikes in the Period of Insurance Tyre(s) fitted to Vehicle

d) Which have been modified in any way from the manufacturer's specification, or

e) Any Damage where the fault or Damage occurred before the inception of this insurance, or

f) Incurred due to the Vehicle being driven following the initial failure.

g) Caused by fire, any road traffic accident, or where the Vehicle is a total loss.

h) Where Damage is caused to any other part of the Vehicle by the same incident

i) Which is part of a road traffic accident or road risk insurance claim.

j) Loss of whatsoever nature arising directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, due to any act or omission which is wilful, unlawful or negligent on Your part.

k) Any malicious Damage claim, which is not accompanied by a valid and substantiated crime reference number.

l) Theft of the Tyre(s).

m) Any claim where at the time of Damage the Tyre tread depth is less than 2mm across the full tread area of the Tyre.

n) Manufacturing defects or faults including manufacturer's recall.

o) Tyre(s), which are not 'E' Marked and any claim where there has been an attempt to remove the serial number or other identifying marks from the Tyre(s).

1) Damage that existed before the inception date or within the Waiting Period of Your policy

2) Vehicles over 3500kg gross weight.

3) More than 3 claims within a 12-month period

4) The Excess, which will be payable by You.

5) VAT where You are VAT registered.

6) Owned temporarily or otherwise (resulting from trade-in or acquisition for the purposes of resale) by a business formed for the purposes of selling or servicing motor vehicles, or

7) Used for competition, including track days, racing, pace making, hire or reward, off road use (including all Quad Bikes), driving school, transportation of goods, delivery courier, public service vehicles or designed to carry more than eight people including the driver, or

8) Any costs incurred in excess or outside the liability under this insurance including any for Consequential Loss, depreciation, or diminution in value.

9) Faults in workmanship or materials, or any Consequential Loss following repairs paid for by Us on Your behalf. It is Your responsibility to meet any Repairer charges in excess of or rejected as not being Our liability.

10) Any direct or indirect consequence of war, civil war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies (whether war be declared or not),rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power, or confiscation, nationalisation, requisition, destruction of or damage to property by or under the order of any government, local or public authority.

11) Any direct or indirect consequence of terrorism as defined by the Terrorism Act 2000 and any amending or substituting legislation.

12) Any direct or indirect consequence of: Irradiation, or contamination by nuclear material; or the radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous or contaminating properties of any radioactive matter; or Any device or weapon which employs atomic or nuclear fission or fusion or other comparable reaction or radioactive force or matter.

13) Any consequence, howsoever caused, including but not limited to Computer Virus in Electronic Data being lost, destroyed, distorted, altered, or otherwise corrupted. For the purposes of this Policy, Electronic Data shall mean facts, concepts and information stored to form useable data for communications, interpretations, or processing by electronic or electromechanical data processing or other electronically controlled hardware, software and other coded instructions for the processing and manipulation of data, or the direction and manipulation of such hardware. For the purposes of this Policy, Computer Virus shall mean a set of corrupting, harmful, or otherwise unauthorised instructions or code, whether these have been introduced maliciously or otherwise, and multiply themselves through a computer system or network of whatsoever nature.

Are my Alloy Wheels covered?

Covered wheels - examples

Wheels not covered - examples

If you’re still not sure whether the wheels on your vehicle are covered, please send an image of one of the wheels on your car to info@ala.co.uk and we will be happy to check.

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Alloy Wheel Insurance FAQ

This policy covers your Alloy Wheels for accidental scuffs and scrapes and any accidental or malicious damage to your tyres which causes them to deflate (so long as you have a crime reference number)

This policy is for vehicles that are a maximum of 7 years old and must have completed less than 70,000 miles at the start date of this policy. Your vehicle must also be registered in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. We recommend reading all the Ts and Cs before purchasing any kind of insurance – so make sure you have a read of these.

You only have to pay £15 excess per claim.

You can make up to 3 claims per year for your Alloy Wheels and make up to 3 claims over the policy term for your tyres.

SMART stands for “small to medium area repair technique and it repairs minor cosmetic damage and defects. If a cosmetic repair is not possible, we will give you £150 towards a replacement Alloy Wheel.

It is worth noting that SMART repair would not be able to repair structural damage including cracked, buckled or distorted wheels.

Yes we do! Other insurance companies don’t cover these; but we are happy to say that under this policy; your diamond cut alloys are covered.

Yes you can! You can purchase this insurance as a standalone product or alongside one of our other policies. We think it’s a good accompaniment to one of our GAP insurance policies.

You can buy a 1, 2 or 3 year Tyre and Alloy Wheel insurance policy too, so depending on how long you think you’ll have your car for – you are sorted.

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