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Motorhome GAP Insurance

GAP insurance isn’t just for cars, protect your home away from home with Motorhome GAP

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What is Motorhome GAP Insurance?

What is Motorhome GAP Insurance?

With ALA Motorhome GAP insurance, whether you have an ACE or a WildAx or anything in between, we will protect you financially in the event your vehicle is declared a total loss.

Although motorhomes don’t tend to depreciate as quickly as most other vehicles, they are often more expensive to buy initially and even a small amount of depreciation on such a costly vehicle can mean that you are left out of pocket following a total loss.

If your insurer declares your vehicle a total loss (or write off) following an accident, fire or flood damage, or if it is stolen, they will only pay you the market value of the vehicle. ALA’s Motorhome Back to Invoice Plus GAP Insurance will cover the shortfall between the insurer’s settlement and the original price you paid for your motorhome, or the outstanding finance owed at the time, whichever is higher.

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Do I need Motorhome GAP?

Can I buy Motorhome GAP?

Do I need Motorhome GAP?

With Motorhome Back to Invoice Plus, the answer to this is yes, if you want to:

Protect the amount you’ve paid for your vehicle and cancel out the effects of depreciation

Be paid more than just insurer’s market value settlement if the vehicle is a write off

Clear any outstanding finance (if applicable), leaving any remaining money to use as you wish

Can I buy Motorhome GAP?

The answer to this is yes if:

My vehicle is new, or under 10 years of age

My vehicle is made for the UK market and appears in Glass’s Guide

My motorhome does not have a gross weight exceeding 3.5t

My vehicle was collected within the last 180 days

My vehicle is owned outright, on a Hire Purchase or Personal Contract Purchase finance agreement

My vehicle was bought from a VAT registered dealer or finance company

My vehicle is not excluded*

*Vehicles used in any sort of competitions or rallies. Vehicles used for racing, pace making, speed testing or in reliability trials; Vehicles not listed in Glass’s Guide; kit cars; invalid carriages; commercial Vehicles of more than 3500kg gross weight. Any, taxi, mini cab, driving tuition vehicle, courier or delivery vehicle of any type or any private or public rental vehicle.

Back to Invoice Plus Example




*Example shows the amount covered by your Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance (based on average depreciation rates and current market value) and the potential shortfall if your vehicle is written off.
Your purchase price: £60,000
The amount owed to the finance company at the point of claim: £63,000
Your comprehensive market value insurance payout: £55,000
Our Back to Invoice Plus payout: £8,000
Comprehensive Insurance payout + ALA GAP Insurance payout = £63,000
(Leaving you clear of any owed finance on your vehicle)
Your purchase price: Your invoice value of: £60,000
Your comprehensive market value insurance payout: £50,000
Our Back to Invoice Plus payout: £10,000
Comprehensive Insurance payout + ALA GAP Insurance payout = £60,000

Policy Documents

View Policy Wording and IPID for Return to Invoice Plus GAP Insurance

Motorhome GAP FAQ

Do you impose a maximum limit for factory or dealer fit accessories?

All factory fitted extras are covered by our motorhome GAP policies.

With regards to dealer fitted accessories, there is no limit to the value that we will cover; as long as the part appears on the manufacturer price list and is included on the vehicle invoice, we will cover the cost of that extra.

Who is covered by my GAP policy?

Any person driving your motorhome is covered by your ALA GAP policy as long as they are a named driver on your comprehensive motor insurance policy.

Anyone driving your vehicle under their own motor insurance or on a temporary/short term motor insurance policy will not be covered by an ALA GAP policy.