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Short Term Motor Insurance

Quick short term motor cover from 1 hour to 28 days in 3 easy steps

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Why choose Short Term Motor Insurance from ALA?

Short Term Motor Insurance (also known as Temporary Motor Insurance) is a flexible insurance that gives you the freedom to drive a car or van from 1 hour up to 28days with no long standing commitment.

This affordable way to drive is suited for various reasons; moving house and borrowing a van, learning to drive, having to drive someone else’s car in an emergency or test driving a privately sold car.

It takes under 2 minutes to get a quote, and all underwriters are highly trusted.

Why choose Short Term Motor Insurance from ALA?

Features and Benefits of Short Term Insurance

Cover from just 1 hour

You can choose to insure your chosen vehicle for just 1 hour, or choose up to 28 days for cars and vans.
Learner drivers can be insured from 1 hour up to 24 weeks.

This covers a range of circumstances and can be much cheaper than if you are added to someone’s comprehensive car insurance.

Market leading underwriters

A market-leading comprehensive temporary motor insurance, underwritten by trusted underwriters.

Quick and easy cover with low excess

Get a quote for this flexible, pay-as-you-go cover in under two minutes .

No waiting around!

Various vehicles and drivers accepted

This cover is for cars, vans and even learner drivers.

We can cover cars up to the value of £65,000 too!

Protected policies

All policies at ALA Insurance and our partner GoShorty are fully insured and protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Excellent customer support

We are proud of our 4.9 stars score on Trustpilot, with over 17,000 customers rating us ‘Excellent’. Our partners Go Shorty also have an ‘Excellent’ rating of 4.9 stars.

When would I use Short Term Motor Insurance?

Short Term Motor Insurance is a really useful insurance to cover you for a variety of instances.

If you are…

An every now and then driver

Borrowing someone’s car or van

Sharing the driving on a road trip

Using a courtesy car

Needing to drive someone’s car in an emergency

A young driver back home from university

Collecting or delivering a car or van

Test driving a brand new car

A learner driver and need cover while practicing


When would I use Short Term Motor Insurance?

ALA Insurance in partnership with GoShorty

  • Who are GoShorty? FCA authorised GoShorty are in partnership with us to provide Short Term Motor Insurance. They are a highly rated company that provides quality short term cover for a variety of customers.

  • Why should I use ALA Insurance in partnership with GoShorty? This is a good question. We decided to partner with GoShorty as we saw a need from our customers for short term (also known as temporary car insurance) motor insurance and GoShorty’s reputation as a partnership business is reliable and high quality.

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Policy documents

View Policy Wording and IPID for Short Term Motor Insurance. These documents are housed on our partner’s – GoShorty – website.

Short Term Motor Insurance FAQs

What does short term motor insurance cover?

Short term motor insurance (also known as temporary car insurance) is fully comprehensive car insurance for a shorter time period. This shorter time comprehensive cover for temporary car insurance covers:

  • Loss, theft or damage
  • Accident recovery
  • Legal liability

It only takes two minutes to get a quote.

Can I use temporary car insurance for my own car?

Yes, you can. An example of this is if you have a car that you use only occasionally and you store it off-road, you can use this short term motor insurance for each journey. Just remember: your car won’t be insured in between policies, and you’ll need to keep it off the road and declare it as SORN (‘Statutory Off Road Notification’).

When is short term motor insurance not suitable?

There are a few times where short term car insurance isn’t the right solution. For example:

  • When you hire or rent a vehicle, – you’ll need specialist insurance which you can find out from the hire car company you use
  • This insurance can’t be used for taxis or vehicles used to transport goods – basically for work.

What does short term motor insurance cost?

There are a few factors that will affect the cost of this kind of insurance.
Your age, the vehicle you want to cover and the length of the policy.

Other factors might come into play too – for example if you have points on your license.

Can I be added to another person’s car insurance policy?

Yes you can and for a long time this was your only option. But doing this can be expensive. Short term motor insurance can be an affordable alternative solution for this.
This is an option that lets you instantly get insured on someone’s car, without affecting their policy. Also, rather than being added for a long chunk of time, you can do it for shorter time frames, like an hour or just a couple of days. It’s a really flexible option!

Why choose ALA and GoShorty to insure with?

We are known for our quality insurance products, fantastic customer support and for getting insurance quotes quickly.

GoShorty are our chosen partner because they have the same business values as us.

We also both have 4.9 stars on TrustPilot – rating us Excellent.

If you have any questions you can always give us or GoShorty a call before you get a quote or buy a policy.



Can I use this insurance abroad?

At the moment, no you can’t. The underwriters we work with at the moment will only cover vehicles driven in the UK.

What is the shortest time I can insure my vehicle for?

You can insure your chosen vehicle for as little as 1 hour.

What’s the longest time I can insure my chosen vehicle on this insurance?

As this is temporary car insurance, there is a limit. 28 days is the limit for this policy.