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If you have decided to get an Electric Vehicle (EV) or Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV) to do your bit for the environment, save on running costs - or maybe you just fancied a change - ensuring you and your car are covered for any unexpected circumstances might be something to consider.

As well as offering GAP insurance for EVs and PHEVs we also provide EV One: RAC EV One Warranty cover for EVs and PHEVs.

What is electric vehicle warranty?

RAC EV One Warranty is an optional add on mechanical breakdown insurance for electric & plug-in hybrid vehicles. It covers the cost of repair or replacement of mechanical and electrical components with a claim limit fixed at the market value of the vehicle when you buy your policy.

Do I need electric vehicle warranty?

With any vehicle that’s aged over its standard manufacturer’s warranty, there is the potential for components to fail. Extended warranties are designed to be a safety net, should the unexpected happen. As electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids have different components to a standard petrol or diesel vehicle, having a dedicated EV warranty can help to protect you out on the road. A benefit of our cover is that it is fully insured and protected, unlike other similar products found online.

How much does EV warranty cost?

The cost of RAC EV One Warranty will depend on a few factors to do with your car. To see how much EV One would be for you, simply hit the button below and answer a few easy questions.


What is covered?

For convenience and comprehensive cover, look no further than an RAC EV One Warranty ALA. Our policies are designed to deliver superb value and peace of mind in equal measure. Here are some of the stand-out reasons to trust us if you’re looking for a new or used car warranty:

Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown

Repair or replacement (including labour costs which are limited to £90 per hour plus VAT) of any listed ‘Covered Components’ in the terms and conditions. (link to policy wording docs here) subject to them failing to perform their normal function or reaching the end of their effective working lives.

Cover for Wear & Tear - Includes gradual deterioration or failure of parts which have reached the end of their effective working lives.


Cover for up to £90 (including VAT) or 1 hour, whichever is the lower value towards the cost of diagnosing the mechanical fault.

Infotainment / Multimedia / Factory fitted touchscreen display unit

Up to a maximum of £4,000 (inclusive of VAT) per repair request.

Key Remote Fobs and Key Cards

Up to a maximum of £100 (inclusive of VAT) per repair request.

Additionally, for Hybrid Vehicles:

  • Turbo (Factory Fitted): All Failures due to carbonisation are covered, including the Variable Nozzle Turbine (VNT) or Wastegate Actuator, or any other part of the Turbo;
  • Timing Belts: Provided there is proof that the manufacturer’s replacement recommendations have been complied with.
  • Casings: Cylinder block, gearbox, transfer box, differentials, and axle if they have been damaged by a failure of one of the Covered Components.

For more reasons and to learn how each individual feature of our policies could benefit you, find out why you should choose an RAC EV One Warranty from ALA today.

What isn’t covered?

RAC EV One Warranty cover is designed to provide peace of mind if your car breaks down. But there are some parts or components that our policies do not cover. To find out more, we’ve tried to make it clear with our comprehensive list of covered components.

  • Any faults or wear and tear that existed prior to the policy start date.
  • Where the vehicle or failed part is covered under any other manufacturers or supplier's warranty.
  • Wear and Tear excludes components that are manufactured and designed to wear over time in order to operate.
  • Any act, omission, or negligence which adds to loss or damage, or failure of any covered component.
  • Water ingress, fire, collision, frost, snow, ice, flooding, freezing or corrosion
  • Mechanical failure as a result of using the incorrect grade of oil or fuel.
  • Full list of excluded components are included in the policy wording.

For more reasons and to learn how each individual feature of our policies could benefit you, find out why you should choose an RAC EV One Warranty from ALA today.

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Are there any restrictions with RAC EV One Warranty?

  • This cover is for plug in hybrids only, not self-charging vehicles.
  • To be eligible for cover, your vehicle must have been serviced to manufacturer guidelines in the last 12 months.
  • The vehicle needs to be under 8 years old and under 80,000 miles to be eligible.
  • Total repair costs are covered up to the market value of your vehicle at the point of purchasing this policy.
  • Cover is limited to the breakdown of each covered component on only one occasion during the period of the policy.

Where am I covered?

Your vehicle is covered in the United Kingdom as standard. Cover is also provided for up to 60 days in a 12 month period in European countries who are members of the European Economic Area (EEA) or the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

Why choose RAC EV One Warranty, EV and PHEV warranty supplied by ALA Insurance?

  • With over 20 years’ experience in the automotive insurance industry, we pride ourselves on knowing the ins and outs of how these sometimes-technical insurances work. We hope to explain the insurances we provide with clarity and no jargon.
  • The customer support team is friendly, highly trained and are committed to providing unbiased information to all our customers. We are also proud to have 4.9/5 stars on Trustpilot, all thanks to our loyal customers
  • Our UK based customer support team are all regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority so all information provided is unbiased and is provided fairly for the customer. We also have 4.9 stars on Trustpilot, which is purely from reviews from our existing customers; which makes us very proud.
  • All our UK underwriters are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme – meaning your policies are secure and protected too.

What are my obligations as a policy holder?

  • After purchasing the vehicle, you must service it in accordance with the manufacturers recommended servicing schedule. It is important that you retain your service receipts as they may be required to validate any claim you make.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that routine maintenance is carried out and that the timing belt (where applicable) is changed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • You must ensure that the chosen mechanic calls us before work is started and a repair request/authority number is provided.
  • It is your responsibility to use the manufacturer’s recommended engine oil. Not doing this could result in damage or wear to your vehicle which you would not be covered for.

How do I get an RAC EV One Warranty?

It all starts with a free online quote. All we need is your car registration number and we’ll show you how much an RAC EV One warranty from ALA could cost.

Don’t have your car registration number to hand? No problem – phone us on 01653 916637 or email us for a quote. We can also answer any questions you might still have about our policies.