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Commuting Cycle Insurance

If you’re one of the 6% who cycle to work, whether it’s through busy city streets or along quiet country lanes, our commuter bike insurance is designed for you. No matter the distance or how busy the roads, we know that cycling during rush-hour can be daunting. Even with all the protective equipment, the lights, and reflective jackets, accidents can happen, which is why we think commuter bike insurance is a must.

Whatever you cycle, get quick, no nonsense cover.

Please choose the value of your bike to get an idea of fixed premium.

We’ll cover you from

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per year.

What does commuter bike insurance cover?

Whether you commute on a folding bike or your pedal has a little extra power and you ride an e-bike, we’ve got a policy for you.

Included as standard:

Theft and / or damage to cycle:

Theft of or damage to your cycle – whether malicious or accidental

Worldwide cover

For those adventures abroad

Optional covers:

Public liability

Public liability insurance covers you if you damage someone’s property or injure another person while out and about cycling. These costs will be covered by this policy.

Personal accident

Personal accident cover is an option you can add onto your policy with us. Compensation for loss of limb, loss of sight, permanent total disablement or death sustained as a result of an accident. You can read up on what is exactly covered in our policy wording

Cycle accessories

Up to the selected value for accessories including helmet, clothing and more

Legal expenses

Up to the agreed value for legal expenses cover

Why do you need commuter bike insurance?

How to get a commuter bike insurance quote

Why do you need commuter bike insurance?

Unfortunately bike locks can only do so much when it comes to securing your bike outside work or in a public area. According to the ONS Crime Survey 2020; 81,536 bikes were reported stolen between September 2020 and September 2021. Commuter bike insurance can help you should your beloved two-wheeler be stolen while you are at work or having lunch.

Whether you need a replacement bike, to cover the cost of new accessories or want personal accident cover, our cover can do all that if you choose to include those options.

How to get a commuter bike insurance quote

To get your commuter bike insurance sorted, simply fill out our online quote form. Pick and choose the optional covers you want, and you’ll get a free quotation in a matter of seconds.

Still got some questions?

If you have any questions about anything regarding our commuter bike insurance policy, please don’t hesitate to ask 
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