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ALA Insurance Discounts and Promotions Policy

  1. Introduction

This policy document outlines the terms and conditions regarding discounts and promotions provided by ALA Insurance. It defines key terms, specifies how discount codes and promotions are applied, and explains our commitment to providing the best price guarantees on our products.

  1. Definitions

Discount Code

A “discount code” is a unique alphanumeric code provided by ALA Insurance that allows customers to receive a specified discount on certain insurance products at the time of purchase. The discount amount and applicable products depend on the source of the code and any specific terms associated with it.


A “promotion” refers to a marketing campaign or special offer provided by ALA Insurance to encourage the purchase of our insurance products. Promotions may include, but are not limited to, discounts, special rates, or bundled offers.

Limited Time

“Limited time” indicates a period during which a discount code or promotion is valid. The specific start and end dates for the limited time offer will be explicitly stated in the promotion or discount code details.

Limited Offer

“Limited offer” refers to a promotion or discount code that is available only to a certain number of customers or for a specific quantity of products. Once the limit is reached, the offer will no longer be available, even if the stated end date has not been reached.

  1. Application of Discount Codes


Discount codes can be applied to various insurance products offered by ALA Insurance. The eligibility of a product for a discount depends on the source of the code and any specific conditions associated with it.

Source-Dependent Usage

The source of the discount code determines its applicable products. For example:

  • Partner codes: May be used only on products specified by the partnering organisation.
  • Promotional codes: May be applicable to all or select products as defined in the promotion details.
  1. Maximum discount

ALA Insurance has a maximum discount cap at £40 per policy, no matter of original policy price and discount code percentage.

  1. Right to Terminate Discounts and Promotions

Business Strategy and Needs

ALA Insurance reserves the right to end any discount code or promotion at any time if there are changes in business strategy or business needs. This may occur without prior notice, but we will endeavour to minimise inconvenience to our customers, will always offer Best Price where we can and will apply a similar discount to the original where possible.

Replacement of Expired Discount Codes

If a discount code has expired, ALA Insurance will replace with the best available discount code applicable at the time of quote or purchase. This ensures our commitment to delivering value to our customers remains consistent

  1. Best Price Guarantee
    ALA Insurance is committed to offering the best prices on our insurance products. We provide a Best Price Guarantee on any online comparable GAP insurance quote. If a customer finds a lower price on a comparable GAP insurance product online, ALA Insurance will match that price, ensuring our customers always receive the best value.
    Our price match guarantee may not apply to all of the policies we offer. It also does not extend to discounted/sale prices. In certain circumstances, we may be unable to complete a price match, for example where terms are not comparable.

  2. Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding discount codes, promotions, or our Best Price Guarantee, customers can contact ALA Insurance customer service at:

Note: This policy is subject to change at the discretion of ALA Insurance. Customers are encouraged to review the policy periodically to stay informed about any updates or changes.

MSE exclusive discount Terms and Conditions

ALA Insurance is happy to offer an exclusive discount code for MSE readers who wish to purchase GAP insurance, or get a GAP insurance quote. In order for readers to use the ALA exclusive discount code, certain terms and conditions apply. 

  • This offer is exclusive to MSE readers.
  • Valid from 13th June 2024 until further notice.
  • This offer is not available through comparison sites or any other channel.
  • This offer is valid on ALA GAP policies only and will not apply to any of our other products.
  • 15% discount is applied automatically on the quote page and the maximum discount available is £40.
  • The MSE 15% discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • ALA will always show best retail price available and there is no higher offer or discount available through any other channel than MSE.