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GAP Insurance

GAP Insurance covers the shortfall between what you paid for your vehicle and the insurance pay out should you be unfortunate enough to make a total loss claim. If your vehicle is stolen, involved in an accident or damaged by fire or floods and your insurance company declares it a write off, they will settle at the value of the vehicle at the time, this can leave you out of pocket by thousands of pounds.

A brand new car can lose up to 70% of its value in the first three years alone, while a second-hand car can lose as much as 20% in the first six months, giving you an idea of the financial impact a write off could have. Don’t get caught out - protect your investment with ALA GAP Insurance today.

ALA Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee

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Choose from our most popular GAP Insurance products...

Suitable for vehicles owned outright or on finance and for new and used vehicles up to 10 years old, delivered within the last 180 days, or 365 days where the car has been covered for new car replacement in the first 12 months.


A Vehicle Replacement Plus GAP Insurance policy will either pay the difference between the Comprehensive Insurance settlement and a) the cost of replacing your car as it was when originally purchased or b) the outstanding finance, whichever is higher at the time. It is suitable for vehicles owned outright or on finance and for new and used vehicles up to 7 years old, with fewer than 80,000 miles, delivered within the last 90 days.


Contract Hire GAP Insurance pays the difference between the comprehensive insurance settlement and the amount of outstanding rentals as well as any shortfall in the vehicle value in the event of a total loss claim. Suitable for new and used vehicles on contract hire, delivered within the last 365 days.


Agreed Value GAP Insurance pays the difference between the comprehensive insurance settlement and the Glass's Guide retail value or purchase price of your vehicle (whichever is lower) at the time the policy is purchased. Suitable for used vehicles up to seven years old, with less than 80,000 miles on the clock. Cover can either be purchased for cars bought from a private seller, or bought from a VAT registered dealer more than 365 days ago.


ALA GAP Insurance Policies...

  • Pro rata transfer of unused premium if you change your car, with no admin fees
  • Are underwritten by Bastion Insurance Company Limited, a highly rated underwriter
  • Allow 120 days to make a claim
  • Do not include market value clauses

Our policies are available whether your vehicle has been bought on finance, for a cash payment, personal loan or if the vehicle is on a lease or contract hire agreement and can be tailored to suit you.



"I had to claim on my GAP policy this year and was very impressed with the whole process."

D Loveluck


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Simon Read


"Excellent experience... Nice and easy online application, just what I was looking for!"

Claire L, Rainham

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