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Audi Extended Warranty by RAC


An Audi extended warranty from RAC can help cover your car against many electrical and mechanical faults, allowing you to drive with added peace of mind.

Audi owners will be well acquainted with the brand’s reputation for style and reliable, high-end car manufacturing. Even with that reliability in mind, an RAC Audi extended warranty can still be an important consideration for those looking to better protect their car.

The original manufacturer warranty protects against general car faults but this usually expires after around three years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. With an Audi warranty extension from RAC however, you can be sure that many costs associated with faults, such as labour and parts, can be covered.

It is impossible to predict when a mechanical or electrical fault with your car may occur, so you may feel safer driving with our Audi warranty cover. You can drive your car knowing the costs could be covered for many unexpected electrical or mechanical faults. Our Audi extended warranty is great if you are looking for a comprehensive, straightforward policy which covers you against unforeseen, costly faults.

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You can choose between the different levels of cover below:

PLEASE NOTE: Those components covered are insured against Mechanical Breakdown only. The replacement of oil filters, lubricants, antifreeze and fluids is included provided the replacement is necessitated by the failure of an insured component. External oil leaks are specifically excluded. It is recommended that you check your vehicle’s oil level on a weekly basis.

For full terms and conditions view the policy documents here:


ALA Warranty Claims

Mechanical, electrical faults and other associated costs can be very expensive without an effective warranty coverage. Below you will find some of the components we had to cover recently and the amount paid.

AudiA3Flywheel broken clutch failed£1492.75
AudiTTWindow regulator£400.30
AudiQ5Air con pressure sensor failed£163.44

You may be interested to know that:

  • The four rings which make up the Audi logo are based on the merging of Audi with Horch, DKW and Wanderer in 1932, which made up the Auto Union AG (the predecessor of Audi.
  • Audi plan to offer fully autonomous driving in the future using artificial intelligence in their cars.
  • They are one of the most successful luxury car brands in the world.

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