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10 Cars That Hold Their Value

The depreciation in value of your car is unfortunately inevitable.

It can be a minefield knowing you're investing your money wisely in a car so we've put together the following list of the cars that best hold their value after an average of 3 years and 60,000 miles. It can be helpful to have somewhere to start to determine which new car you should buy if you're concerned with its residual value but, as you might expect, the cars that depreciate the least tend to be high-end luxury or sports cars.

10. Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Special Edition

Toyota Land Cruiser for ALA GAP Insurance Toyota marked the 60th Anniversary of the Land Cruiser with this special edition which included twin DVD player, 4-Wheel Active Height Control (among other special features) and was priced new at £61,950 Average value retained 60.4%

9. Morgan Plus 4  Tourer

Morgan for ALA GAP Insurance The timelessness of a Morgan coupled with the fact that Morgan owners tend to buy their cars for life means they mostly hold their value. Average value retained 61.8%

8. Porsche 911 Speedster

Porsche 911 Speedster for ALA GAP Insurance Channelling the original 356 model of 1953 there were only 356 of this Speedster model released worldwide. Average value retained 61.9%

7. Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage for ALA GAP Insurance The Sportage was introduced in 2010 and is the only car in the top 10 whose monetary depreciation can be measured in just 4 figures. The launch model lost, on average,  just £7718 compared to the £53,798 drop on the 911 Speedster Average value retained 62.2%

6. Morgan Roadster V6

Morgan Roadster for ALA GAP Insurance Another proper Morgan, unashamedly traditional with the previous Rover V8 engine replaced in 2004 for the Ford V6. Nothing else was changed, they promise. Average value retained 62.3%

5. Toyota Landcruiser V8 Diesel

Toyota Land Cruiser for ALA GAP Insurance Another proper off-roader for proper off-roaders and judging by its residual value its still popular among that relatively small target market. Average value retained 62.4%

4. Lotus 2-Eleven

Lotus 2 Eleven for ALA GAP Insurance Apparently it isn't very often one of these come up for sale. If it does you'll still have to pay a fair sum for it with the average depreciation only being £11,961 with the original cost of the car being around £40k. Average value retained 62.9%

3. BMW X3

BMW X3 This SUV is BMW's only offering in the top 10 but worth thinking about as your next purchase as it retains more than 63% of its value Average value retained 63.1%

2. Lotus Europa

Lotus Europa for ALA GAP Insurance Termed as the upmarket Elise, this car never really became the big seller it was oped it would be. It may be this reason alone that means you still need around £18,000 to pick one up today. Average value retained 65.8%

1. Porsche Cayenne Diesel

Cayenne for ALA GAP Insurance This is is, the car that least depreciates in Britain today. It retains a huge 8% more of its original value even than the Lotus in second place making the Porsche Cayenne a worthwhile investment. Average value retained 73.8% Click here to read more: Guides ALA Connect.