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5 Star ALA GAP Insurance

ALA has received a 5 Star Rating for its range of GAP insurance products by Defaqto, a leading independent financial research company in the UK.

Defaqto is focused on supporting better financial decision making. At its heart is the UK’s largest retail financial product database, which it maintains by collecting the whole universe of product and fund data and using its industry expertise and insight to make it comparable. Ultimately, this data underpins Defaqto’s product ratings, web and software solutions, publications, events and consultancy services. The positive review adds to the already extensive feedback about ALA across the wider internet and the strength of our well established partnerships with Autotrader, Honest John, JCB and Exchange and Mart. Not to mention that our policies are underwritten by an A+ rated, UK underwriter, Lloyd's of London. Whilst ALA think it is always great to receive a such a positive review, we do believe our customers are the one of the best sources of information about us - with direct feedback, claims testimonials and with many of them recommended to us by friends or family or through owners forums. The majority have contacted us in the process of taking a GAP policy or if the worst has happened and their car has been written off, they have been through the claims process with us. Although a 5 Star Rating does help customers when deciding in the first instance whether to use a particular provider or not the devil, as you might expect, is in the detail as to the quality of the cover the policy will provide - not all products with the same star rating are in fact equal. Currently ALA appears in the same category as various other providers. The difficulty lies where these providers are not offering the same level of cover that that can be found in our policies, as we specifically exclude Market Value and Glass’s Guide Maximum Value clauses from our policies. However the majority of other providers, both on- and offline, do include these clauses which can limit a settlement in the event of a claim. This can be where your insurer does not settle at the full retail value of your car at the time of a write off or if you have paid more than the Glass’s Guide retail value of your car at the time of purchase, which can usually be because you've paid for optional extras from the manufacturer. Whilst independent advice can be invaluable, we do advise caution when using this kind of review. We are highly confident of the strength of our policies and want our customers to continue to have the same faith, particularly in the face of conflicting consumer advice. Click here to read more: News ALA Connect.