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A Guide to Audi Ownership

German car manufacturer Audi is renowned for producing a wide range of high quality, classy and reliable vehicles.

From luxury saloons to exclusive sports cars, refined hatchbacks and more, these are all vehicles that deserve plenty of care and attention. Whether you currently own an Audi or if you’re hoping to buy one, you will no doubt want to ensure your executive car is well looked after and performing to its maximum capability. Our guide for Audi owners can help you choose the right model and what to focus on when it is under your ownership.

Choose the Right Audi

The Audi range is massive and continues to expand, meaning whether you’re after a new or used Audi, the choice can be overwhelming. If you’re looking to become an Audi owner in the near future, then choosing the right model will depend on what suits you.
  • Hatchback: Most Audi hatchbacks are available as a three-door coupe or five-door Sportback. The A1 and A3 and their sporty S1 and RS3 versions are popular options.
  • Saloon: The three main saloons are the Audi A4, A6 and A8, with the A6 and A8 available with a powerful V8 engine.
  • Coupe: The A5 is basically a sleeker, coupe version of the A4 and while the A7 is a five-door model that has the appearance of a coupe.
  • Estate: The Avant is Audi’s estate model. The A4 and A6 are available in this form and are suitable for those who need a larger boot.
  • SUV: The Audi Q2, Q3, Q5 and Q7 make up the brand’s SUV range, ideal for those living out in the countryside.
  • Premium: An iconic Audi TT or RS (Racing Sport) versions offer plenty of class, but it’s the R8, with the same underpinnings as a Lamborghini Gallardo, which is truly top of the range.

Arrange Regular Services and Maintenance

When you’ve chosen your new car and have officially become an Audi owner, it is essential you follow Audi’s advice when it comes to servicing and maintenance. They recommend that if you drive less than 10,000 miles per year, you should have a service every 12 months, while those that cover over 10,000 miles a year can have up to two years between services. If your Audi requires maintenance work, make sure you get it done at a reliable garage that will use Audi approved parts. For oil changes, they recommend Castrol EDGE Professional oil, as poor-quality oil and spare parts can have a damaging effect to the engine and overall performance.

Make Regular Checks

Regular checks are vital for any Audi owner, as you may spot something wrong early enough to avoid the problem becoming too damaging. They also help ensure everything is at its optimum performance so your Audi will look and feel great to drive. Regular checks include:
  • Tyres: Check that the tread depth is over the minimum legal requirement of 1.6mm, there are no nails or odd marks and that all four are inflated to the correct pressure for your car.
  • Oil: Ideally check at least once a month, as it keeps the engine running smoothly.
  • Lights: The easiest check but important especially when driving in the dark. Replacing bulbs can be done quickly too.
  • Wiper blades: If they are bent or scraping, they may need replacing.
  • Windscreen: Look for any small cracks or chips, as if these are not fixed quickly the whole windscreen may need removing.

Keep it Clean

Not only will dirt and grime ruin your stylish Audi’s appearance, over time it can seriously damage the paintwork if not regularly cleaned. Clean it with warm water and professional car soap (never washing up liquid) and a microfibre or non-abrasive sponge to avoid scratches. Dry the body with a separate microfibre cloth and polish the paintwork with good quality car polish and a soft cloth or cotton pad. Remember to clean the windows separately, with some proper window cleaning spray and another new cloth. Don’t forget the rims and tyres too for that final sparkle, by using professional tyre gel and wheel cleaner for the best results.

Get Financial Protection with Audi GAP Insurance

Audi GAP insurance is an excellent way to financially protect your prized car alongside its warranty and comprehensive insurance. ALA GAP Insurance covers the shortfall between what you originally paid for your Audi and its value at the time it is written off (due to theft, fire or flooding). Given the high value of Audi cars, this can represent a large financial loss, which Audi GAP insurance will cover. Audi lease GAP insurance can also provide financial cover if your vehicle is leased or on a contract hire agreement. View GAP insurance for Audi here These tips should help any Audi owner keep their luxury car in top condition, prolonging its life and ensuring it looks and feels great to drive.