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A Guide to Mercedes Ownership

Mercedes-Benz certainly aims to live by its new slogan of ‘the best or nothing.’

They have a reputation for producing high-quality vehicles, from hatchbacks to SUVs. These vehicles come at a premium so every Mercedes owner will want to ensure that their car is fully protected. If you’re already a Mercedes owner or are hoping to buy one in the near future, there are a number of areas to focus on to ensure your car is well maintained. Our guide runs through how to choose the best model for you, maintenance tips and protection advice.

Mercedes Buying Guide

Whether you want something classy and compact or one of Mercedes’ luxury saloons, there’s plenty of choice in the brand’s current range:
  • Hatchback: The A-Class is the only hatchback in Mercedes’ current range. The third generation five-door model, which underwent a dramatic and much needed facelift, offers a fantastic option.
  • Saloon: C-Class and E-Class models are popular and reliable choices for a Mercedes saloon, though the S-Class is top of the range.
  • Coupe: Coupe versions of the C, E and S-Class models are all available. Again, S-Class is top of the line but the CLS-Class just below it offers everything from a 3.0-litre V6 engine to a 55 AMG model with a 5.4-litre V8 supercharged one.
  • SUV: The G-Class offers a choice of SUV/Crossover models, including GLC-Class coupe SUV, a compact SUV with the GLA-Class or a large SUV with the GLS-Class.
  • Electric and hybrids: Mercedes is moving into alternative fuel, with the C350e plug-in hybrid, the pure electric B-Class Electric Drive MPV and a concept EQA expected to launch in 2020.
  • Other: The B-Class and V-Class provide a choice of MPVs, while there are grand tourer and roadster options with the SL and SLC-Class vehicles respectively.

Essential Maintenance Tasks and Servicing

Depending upon the manufacturer’s recommendations for a particular vehicle, it will need to be regularly serviced - this might be annually or based on a fixed mileage interval. In the meantime, there are many maintenance checks and upkeep tasks you can do to keep your car performing at its best. These include:
  • Timing belts: A snapped timing belt can be an expensive repair for any Mercedes owner, so check for nicks and tears to assess when it will likely need replacing.
  • Transmission: When your Mercedes has done 80,000 miles or reached five years old, the transmission should be serviced. The fluid should regularly be checked with each service.
  • Fluids: Brake fluid oil needs to be replaced around every 20,000 miles, though it should be monitored consistently. The radiator should be flushed annually too, and it is essential to keep on top of oil levels.
  • Filters: Air filters should be replaced after 40,000 miles while fuel filters need regular checks to avoid contaminants entering the fuel and damaging the engine.
  • Tyres: Not only will properly inflated tyres improve fuel economy, they will also help ensure better handling and grip, meaning your Mercedes will feel and perform at its best level.

How to Get Your Mercedes Looking Its Best

The sun may slowly fade your Mercedes’ paintwork over time, so the best way to protect against this is by keeping it parked in a garage or shaded area. If this is not possible then using a car cover is the next best option to prevent its shiny gleam being dulled. Using a wax that provides UV protection will also help. Mercedes recommend using their own Mercedes-Benz car care products to achieve the best interior and exterior results, as these have been designed specifically for use when washing a Mercedes vehicle. Start with a general hose down to remove any large bits of dirt, before applying the shampoo and rinsing, drying with a natural chamois or terry cloth, as others may cause swirl marks. It is important to keep the interior clean as well, especially as many models can have leather seats. Mercedes-Benz Leather Care is recommended by the manufacturer to clean away surface contaminants, restore its softness and protect against damaging UV rays. You can also find Mercedes Interior Glass Cleaner to keep windows clear and Cabin Care Spray for vinyl, plastic and rubber interior trims.

Financial Protection with Mercedes GAP Insurance

Car insurance is a legal requirement for every vehicle owner, but to complement it and better protect your vehicle, Mercedes GAP insurance is ideal. GAP insurance from ALA can complement your main insurance cover and protect your investment in the event of a total loss. If you have purchased your car, either outright or on an ever-popular PCP scheme, ALA GAP Insurance will cover the shortfall between what you paid for your Mercedes in the first place and its market value, should it be written off due to accident, theft, fire or flooding. Mercedes GAP insurance from ALA can also provide financial cover if your car is leased or on a contract hire agreement as well. View GAP insurance for Mercedes here Whether you’re a current Mercedes owner or contemplating buying one soon, these tips and Mercedes GAP insurance will help ensure your exclusive and stylish car is well protected.