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The 10 car seats you should know about

Being a parent is a difficult job, and many parents choose to make the path of parenthood easier with the use of a car.

However, small children and certainly babies and toddlers, are not protected by the likes of a standard seatbelt and require their own special car seat. With the baby products industry worth billions of pounds, it is often the case that we are spoiled for choice and struggle to make a good decision. This is why we have compiled ten of the best car seats for children, whether they are a newborn or small child, and whether you are on a budget or want to splurge a little bit. This should help you stay safer on the roads, and help your child be protected if an accident occurs.

1. Pampero Safetrip High Back Booster

£49.99 – A sturdy seat range appropriate for those on a lower budget. A great basic car seat from Halfords.

2. Trunki BoostAPak

£44.99 – As the law states that children under 12 years old or shorter than 135cm wear a booster seat, this rucksack that doubles as a car seat is an ideal solution.

3. Maxi Cosi Cabriofix

£105.00 – Compatible with a range of pushchairs to form a travel system, this has become one of the most UK’s most popular baby car seat.

4. Chicco Key Fit

£109.99 – A rear-facing car seat that uses the adult 3-point seat belt. The rounded base also allows for rocking use for newborns in the home.

5. Recaro Young Profi Plus

£115 – With an adjustable harness system, this car seat can adapt to suit the size of your baby as they grow meaning you can put off a new car seat for longer.

6. Britax Kidfix

£118.00 – With cushioned sides, this car seat aimed for children aged 4 to 12, provides extra protection in the event of a side collision.

7. Cybex Alton

£140 – This award winning car seat for newborns has been praised for its ease of installation and it’s compatibility with other travel systems.

8. Kiddy Guardian Pro 2

£225 – Although the price seems a far jump from some of the earlier models, this car seat is suitable for babies up to 9kg, all the way up to 12 year old children so you really get your money’s worth.

9. Jane Exo

£310 – Featuring a whopping 4 patented technologies, this car seat uses a light and audio warning system so you know when it isn’t secure or installed properly.

10. Britax Trifix Isofix

£319.00 – Using the latest innovation in energy management, this car seat can dramatically reduce the movement of your child in the event of an impact. Hi-tech! Which car seat do you use? Was it on our list? Get in touch! Click here to read more: Guides ALA Connect.