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Plan a Road Trip to Explore the Best UK TV and Film Locations

Now that awards season is in full swing and many of us will be eager to see which of the year’s biggest blockbuster TV and film hits have made the cut, it’s the perfect time for keen movie and film buffs to take a road trip to some of the UK’s most iconic filming locations. 

Compiling a list of 30 of the most iconic filming locations in the UK, we’ve discovered which spots are worth the drive while also exploring the average cost of entry. So, round up the family, rev up the De’Lorean and get your next silver screen inspired road trip planned!

How to Plan the Ultimate TV and Film Location Road Trip

Planning a road trip to explore filming locations around the UK can be an exciting adventure for families and film buffs. To plan your route, start by choosing your favourite TV and film locations from our list below - our road trip map will help you see which are the closest to you.

Once you’ve identified your destinations, plan a flexible itinerary to accommodate stops along the way, such as family friendly service stations and food breaks. Be sure to pick the best driving day, considering factors like traffic and weather, and ensure your car is sufficiently serviced and covered for long drives. 

Once you’re all planned, it’s time to see the brilliant film and TV locations the UK has to offer.

TV and Film Locations in Wales

Those in Wales enjoy 15% of the nation’s most iconic filming locations, making the country one of the best spots for a cinematic road trip experience. 

In North Wales, spanning the Menai Strait sits the Menai Bridge which was featured in the 2020 fantasy adventure film, Dolittle which starred Robert Downey Jr, Tom Holland, and Selena Gomez. Just over 45 miles away, you can take in the epic scenery of Snowdonia National Park, home to Roman Polanski’s Macbeth which was filmed over 50 years ago. Despite mixed reviews on release, the film went on to win a BAFTA in 1973 for Best Costume Design. 

For fans of fantasy and adventure, South Wales promises that movie thrill. Fuel up the Batmobile and head to Brecon Beacons, where the entrance to Batman’s hideout lives. Henrhyd Falls, otherwise known as the Batcave, featured in the 2012 installment of the Dark Knight trilogy starring Welsh-born star Christian Bale. Less than two two-hour drive away, TV buffs can take a trip to Dunraven Bay, better known to Dr Who fans as Bad Wolf Bay which featured multiple times in the cult classic. 

TV and Film Locations in Scotland

Scotland also boasts some of the most iconic scenes as the nation is also home to 15% of the UK’s movie and TV gems. 

Since first airing in 2023, BBC’s The Traitors has taken the small screen by storm. Full of murders, banishment, and deception the show with over 6 million viewers per episode for the second series. For fans of the TV hit, Scotland’s Ardross Castle will be familiar as the setting for the ultimate reality TV drama. In less than an hour's drive, fans of historical drama should take the scenic route to Cairngorms National Park. With scenes shot in GlenFeshie and Strathdon, the 2018 blockbuster, Mary Queen of Scots highlighted the beautiful natural scenery of Scotland’s landscape. Starring Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan the film was nominated for two Academy Awards and 3 BAFTAs. 

Edinburgh and surrounding locations played a key role in the 2006 film adaptation of Dan Brown’s bestselling novel, The Da Vinci Code. Not surprising given the city’s cinematic streets and breathtaking architecture. The Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle, and the Scottish National Gallery are all featured in the Tom Hanks classic. Driving just half an hour south of the city, keen fans can visit Rosslyn Chapel, which is also featured in the film. Fans of the film will recognise the 15th-century chapel with its ornate carvings and iconic crypt which played a key role in the story. 

TV and Film Locations in London

Of course it comes as no surprise that London is home to 13% of the nation’s favourite film and for fans of quintessential British rom-coms, London should be the first stop on your movie road trip. Home to Bridget Jones’ flat near Borough Market, the iconic bookshop in Notting Hill and countless Love Actually moments you can walk in the footsteps of British cinema royalty alongside the likes of Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. Although, you may find it easier to explore London’s many TV and film locations on foot or via public transport with a £15 daily congestion charge in place for much of the capital.

The Most Expensive Filming Locations in the UK

If you’re feeling inspired by the huge array of iconic movie and TV locations across the UK, then it might also be worth doing some further research into the overall costs of your silverscreen road trip. Thankfully, we’ve done some additional research into the most expensive filming locations with some of the most iconic spots also charging significant entry fees.

  1. St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall

This Cornwall icon featured in HBO series House of the Dragon as High Tide on the Island of Driftmark. Costing £26 per adult, fans of George R.R. Martin fantasy epics are likely to pay the highest entry fees than any other TV or film landmark.

  1. Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

As one of the very earliest Harry Potter filming locations, the Norman-style castle was the backdrop for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as well as The Chamber of Secrets. As arguably one of the most popular locations to attract families, the attraction charges £22.80 per adult. 

  1. Highclere Castle, Newbury 

Instantly recognisable as Downton Abbey, the castle was used for exterior shots and for upstairs scenes in the iconic drama which ran for six series. At £22.50 per adult, the location comes in third most expensive in the UK, however was also featured in other hits such as Eyes Wide Shut, Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves and the Secret Garden

  1. Audley End House and Gardens, Saffron Walden, Essex

The interiors of this English-Heritage Jacobean mansion were featured multiple times in Netflix’s The Crown. Portraying the likes of Windsor, Balmoral Castle and Eton College to name a few, admission is £20 per adult and includes access to the homes stately gardens, Victorian stableyard and more. If you’re a member of English Heritage you can enjoy free access to this blockbuster setting. 

  1. Wilton House, Salisbury

Acting as the Croft Manor in Tomb Raider, this English Country Home has also played host to a range of impressive stars. The house’s website lists the wide range of cinema and TV features it’s hosted including, Bridgerton, Emma and The Crown. At £18.50 per adult, the home is likely to appeal to fans of some of the most iconic period dramas.

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