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Farewell to the VW Campervan

It was announced recently that Volkswagen will cease production of the VW Type 2 Kombi Campervan. It was originally made in Germany in 1950 but from 1957 has been produced in Brazil to the present day.

The end of the line for the VW ‘bus’ was down to changing laws in Brazil, requiring all vehicles to have airbags and anti-lock braking. VW has said that they cannot change production to meet these requirements so after 63 years of happy camping there just be a final release of 600 special edition models in December this year. For many it will be a sad day to see the end of such a recognisable symbol of free-spiritedness. Affectionately known as the “hippy-van”, lovers of these vehicles take a rose tinted view of its numerous faults - like lack of speed and the fact that it needs a rest every now and again on a long journey – which are said to highlight its charm. Another thing that makes the VW Campervan stand out from the crowd is its individuality, with many owners customising them inside and out. In honour of this iconic vehicle here are our 5 favourite VW Campervans:

1. Classic Hippy-Van

Hippy VW for ALA GAP Insurance

2. Eco-Friendly Camper

Eco-Friendly VW Camper for ALA GAP Insurance

3. Extreme Flower Power

VW Flower Power for ALA GAP Insurance

4. Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels VW Camper for ALA GAP Insurance

5. Afternoon Tea?

Although there may not be any new VW Campers rolling off the production line after this year, the enthusiasm they inspire in people means that they'll probably be kept around for a long time yet! If you’re looking for GAP Insurance for your motorhome, please take a look at our Motorhome GAP Insurance policy pages for a comprehensive guide to finding the right GAP Insurance policy for your motorhome. Click here to read more: News ALA Connect.