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Mindful Breathing 3

In our final session with Martin, we cover the 4-7-8 mindful breathing technique.

This is Martin’s favourite breathing exercise and would be great to do before a driving test to calm and focus the mind, but also if you are unfortunate enough to be in an accident; this technique would help you ward away stressful feelings and help you cope with the situation. 4-7-8 was developed by Dr Andrew Weil, and he describes it as the perfect stress antidote. As this is our final mindful breathing session with Martin, let us know how you have gotten on; did you complete the challenge? Do you feel different? Have any of these techniques helped you recently? We’d love to hear from you, so please do comment on the Youtube videos or let us know in the comments on Instagram. These sessions will be available here on the ALA Insurance Blog and also on our Youtube channel, anytime you need a refresher or need someone to guide you through the techniques. To give this technique a go, find somewhere peaceful and grounded and press play. Enjoy the journey.
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