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Motorbike Security Tips

Motorcycles can be stolen by joyriders, used and then discarded. More often they’re stolen to order or to be broken down into constituent parts and sold on.

They’re targeted by thieves because they’re easy to wheel away – so easy in fact that the most common method of stealing motorcycles is simply to lift them into a van. Despite all this, less than half of all motorbikes are properly secured. But the best way to make your bike less attractive to thieves is to surround it with numerous security devices, both electronic (immobilisers, alarms etc.) and manual (locks and chains). ALA GAP Insurance has put together some ideas on how to prevent your motorcycle from being stolen, and stop your premiums from going up as a result.

Motorbike security equipment

Alarms and immobilisers A combined alarm and immobiliser will deter most thieves. If someone interferes with your bike, the alarm will go off and the engine won’t turn over so it can’t be ridden away. You can also get alarms (including silent alarms) that alert you by text message if someone is closer to your bike than they should be. Locks The simplest and most visible deterrent is a large motorcycle chain or cable lock secured to a solid, fixed object such as a parking anchor or lamppost. You can also use disc locks for extra protection but never alone as a determined, professional thief will just load your bike into a van and drive off. Marking Mark as many parts of your motorcycle with your VIN (vehicle identification number), vehicle registration and postcode as possible. You can do this with a UV pen or a system such as Datatag, Alpha Dot or Smartwater. This will make it more likely that your bike will be returned to you if it’s recovered. It also makes it more difficult for thieves to sell on.

Keeping your motorbike secure at home

If you have to keep your bike outside when at home, try to store it in a well-lit place (or install a motion-sensitive light), use a plain, dull cover, and try not to park it between cars, which can provide visual protection for a thief. If you have a garage, use it – make sure it’s properly secure and put in a ground anchor if possible.

Keeping your motorbike secure in public

When you’re out and about, follow these tips to give your motorcycle as much protection as possible:
  • Try to park in a busy area with good lighting and CCTV
  • Use specially built motorbike and scooter parking areas that have stands or security loops for you to secure your bike to
  • Remove the spark plug or HT cap
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