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New partnership with Jim Starling

We are thrilled to announce a new sponsorship with Youtuber, content creator, and podcaster Jim Starling aka DefinitelyNotAGuru.

Jim Starling is the man behind the YouTube channel motoring DefinitelyNotAGuru which is known for helping viewers to cut through car-related jargon, avoid scams, and get the most for their money. 
The channel has had an impressive 7m views to date and continues to grow from strength to strength.  Jim also presents for the Men & Motors channel and co-hosts the Charging Status podcast.

Our partnerships with automotive experts like Jim started when the company was first founded almost 20 years ago. We like to partner with publications and people that know their stuff and who engage with their audience in a helpful and authentic way.
We felt that with Jim being a consumer champion for removing nonsense jargon and trying to help his community get the best deal possible - we were a good match.