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The Top 5 Family Cars in 2015

Using data from ALA GAP Insurance, we explore the five most popular cars for families – from saloons to compact SUVs to classic hatchbacks.

The results encompass some of the most popular car marques in the United Kingdom, from Renault to Ford, and may surprise you.

1. Ford Focus

The Ford Focus takes the top spot once again, with more than twice the sales of any other vehicle on this list. An incredibly popular car with a huge range of options and model styles, the Focus continues to help Ford dominate the family car market in Europe. The average value of the vehicle is also relatively low at around £17,000, making it more affordable. They also usually come with good finance options and warranties – very important for cars that need to cope with busy family life. Ford has heavily expanded into the UK market in recent years with compact, simple cars like the Focus – becoming more appealing to families than the traditional saloon – and their hard work and considered design is obviously paying off.

2. Skoda Octavia

Coming in second, the Skoda Octavia is a very popular vehicle – and the only traditional family saloon on this list. Escaping from the somewhat negative Skoda reputation of old, the Octavia has become one of the most popular traditional saloon cars in the UK – and even declared the best family car of 2016 by Whatcar? Despite the higher price of an Octavia – £22,000 on average – the saloon has a reputation for fantastic fuel economy, a roomy interior and plenty of boot space. Skoda has included all things important to a good family car in one neat package that is the Octavia.

3. Honda Civic

Despite being known more for its hot hatch Type R variant, the third car on our list – the fantastic Honda Civic – also has good family car credentials. Winner of a huge number of awards, including for fuel economy and ‘green’ aspects. The Civic easily matches the Ford for interior options, and the level of technology it comes with as standard is very impressive. The Civic is perhaps not the first or second choice for most families, but definitely a good one when it comes to making a decision on which family car to choose.

4. Honda CRV

Coming in fourth, the second Honda on this list is the Honda CRV. More of a compact SUV, and larger than both the Focus and the Civic, the CRV represents the newest entry into the family vehicles market – compact SUVs are becoming increasingly popular, particularly for families. The increased ride height offered by these vehicles, alongside 4-wheel drive, hugely adds to the safety of the vehicle, and its lighter weight compared to more traditional SUVs and 4x4s means great fuel efficiency without compromising on space. The CRV has a huge amount of tech inside, and makes a big deal of safety and comfort with room for the whole family.

5. Renault Captur

Last on our list, the Renault Captur is another compact SUV, and the most popular family Renault – overtaking the more traditional Megane or Laguna saloons. On offer is a huge amount of space – for a compact vehicle – and a reportedly high mpg based on an incredibly efficient diesel engine that also manages a low carbon rating. The Captur is indicative of a new branch of family vehicles, compact but able to cope with a wide range of driving scenarios – from the school run to long holiday drives – and with the lowest average list price, these vehicles are becoming more and more popular.
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