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Peugeot cars are a common sight on our roads, popular with commuters, families, professionals and more.

From economic hatchbacks to powerful SUVs, MPVs and vans, the French manufacturer provide a wide offering of vehicles.

Whether you’re after the technologically astute New Peugeot 2008 SUV or are seeking a bargain used Peugeot 108, Peugeot GAP insurance is essential to protect your new vehicle and finances. If your Peugeot is written off in an accident, fire, flood or theft, then you will likely only receive a settlement covering its market value at the time of the write off.

With GAP insurance, Peugeot drivers receive the difference between the car’s value when purchased and at the time it was written off. This cover is provided whether you bought the car brand new or used, outright, on finance, with a personal loan, contract hire or lease.

Keep your finances safe in case of a write off and find the Peugeot GAP insurance costs for your vehicle here at ALA.

One of France’s largest car manufacturers, here are a few interesting facts about Peugeot:

  • A family business that manufactured coffee mills and bicycles was founded in 1810, which preceded Peugeot as a car manufacturer, which was founded in 1882.
  • The lion trademark was first applied back in 1858.
  • Peugeot has manufactured many interesting vehicles over the years, from military tanks and bicycles to one of the first electric cars, the VLV, in 1941.
  • FC Sochaux-Montbéliard was founded by Jean-Pierre Peugeot, and Peugeot sponsored the team for years until they were taken over by new owners.

With Peugeot GAP insurance at ALA, you can protect your car and finances in the event of a write-off. Use our free quote finder to quickly discover the Peugeot GAP insurance cost for you. Alternatively, ring 01653 916304 or email for more information.

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