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Comparing Cycle Insurance: ALA vs Aviva | Which policy is better, ALA or CyclePlan?

8 December 2023

Written by Katie Rollin

|  5 Minutes

Aviva is a well-known insurance provider in the UK. They offer home insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, motorcycle insurance and many more policy types. Aviva has also partnered with CyclePlan to provide their customers with bicycle cover.

This article compares the coverage options of Aviva’s CyclePlan and ALA’s policies; we compare the cost of standard policies and ones matched for bike value, coverage and excess. We discuss which policy has the better excess options and why you may want to choose either.

What does ALA Cycle Insurance cover?

ALA's blue and white logo.

Our standard Cycle Insurance policy covers bike theft and malicious and accidental damage. Unlike many other providers, we extend your coverage overseas for 30 days at a time at no extra cost. If you need additional cover, customise your plan by adding as many coverage options as you need from the list below. You can also customise your cover limits and excess.

  • Bike accessory cover up to £300 or £900
  • Replacement bike hire cover up to £500 or £1,000
  • Public liability insurance up to £1m or £2m
  • Legal expenses up to £25,000
  • Personal injury cover up to either £10,000 or £25,000

ALA is rated the number one insurance company on Trustpilot for outstanding customer service and affordable, flexible Cycle Insurance plans.

Use our simple quote calculator | Discover why our plans are so popular.

What does Aviva Cycle Insurance cover?

= Aviva's yellow, blue and green logo on the left and CyclePlan's green, black and white logo on the right.
= Aviva's yellow, blue and green logo on the left and CyclePlan's green, black and white logo on the right.

Aviva has partnered with CyclePlan to offer bike insurance. CyclePlan’s policies are flexible; you can choose from several add-ons and cover limits. Their standard policy covers bike damage and theft. You can add personal accident, replacement cycle hire, legal expenses, accessory insurance and bike racing cover. With personal accident cover, you also have the option to add lost earnings cover if you can’t work after a bicycle accident.

Similarly to our own package, each optional add-on CyclePlan comes with an additional premium to pay. With the higher price point, a comprehensive CyclePlan policy will be more costly, especially if you want Worldwide cover.

Which bicycle insurance policy is better value?

Not every policy can directly compare because coverage options and limits vary. We compare the cost of standard policies (2023) for ALA and CyclePlan based on a £1,000 bike with a £50 excess. We also compare the policies approximately matched for coverage.

Standard policies


Price per year


Bicycle damage, theft and Worldwide cover.



Bicycle damage and theft cover


Matched for coverage

Standard policies


Price per year


Bicycle damage, theft and Worldwide cover.



Bicycle damage, theft and Worldwide cover.


*without any discounts applied

What does bike insurance not cover?

There are some general exclusions to cycling insurance, the most important of which is not keeping your bike adequately safe. You need to lock your bike with a Sold Secure bike lock in a secure location such as a garage, bike shed, home, flat or private room. You need to lock your bike to a secure object when you’re out. Most insurers also don’t cover bikes used for hire or reward purposes. Read more about cycle insurance limitations.

A cyclist riding a road bike in the city. He's wearing reflective clothing, a rucksack and a helmet.

For a higher premium, you can add a good range of coverage options with CyclePlan but excess options are less flexible. On the other hand, ALA doesn’t cover bike racing or lost wages.

Which insurance policy should you choose?

You should choose the policy that best suits your cycling needs and budget. We summarise the benefits of each policy and who they are best suited to.

comparing the benefits of ALA cycle insurance to Aviva’s CyclePlan including cycle touring, lowest price, best value, top-rated, commuter friendly.

Both insurers cover multiple bikes to protect the whole family.

Get a quote here

Get a quote here

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best excess cover?

Cycle Plan offers three excess options, £50, £250 and £500. These excess options don’t allow much flexibility for cyclists without an expensive bike. ALA offers three excess options, £50, £150 and £250. The £150 option is the most popular because it’s affordable and helps keep insurance premiums reasonable. You should choose an excess of around 10% of your bike’s value.

How can you save money on bike Insurance?

The easiest way to lower your bike insurance premium is to select a higher excess. The downside is that if you need to make a claim, you must pay a higher amount. You can save money by paying in one lump sum rather than monthly. Only select the level of coverage you think you’ll need to save money on your bike insurance policy.

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