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ALA vs. Laka Bicycle Insurance: Which Cycle Insurance Policy is Best for Me?

18 January 2024

Written by Katie Rollin

|  5 Minutes

Whether it is for daily commutes, professional racing, or leisure, cycling is a great way to stay fit and contribute to a greener planet. With the increasing number of cyclists on the road, it’s key to ensure that you have the right protection for your bicycle and yourself. Obtaining cycle insurance can be an essential factor when protecting your investment and staying safe.

In this guide, we will explore the benefits of cycle insurance, how much it costs, and how you can choose between our cycle insurance policies at ALA, and the ones at another reputable cycle insurance provider, Laka.

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Do I need cycle insurance?

Cycling can be unpredictable. For theft, accidents and damage, cycle insurance provides a safety net for unforeseen circumstances. If you’ve invested a considerable amount in your bike, travel with it regularly, or use it for professional reasons, having an insurance policy can save you from hefty replacement or repair costs. While home insurance sometimes covers bicycles, it is often limited in scope and may not provide protection against all risks.

Our cycle insurance policies at ALA can be paid for upfront or monthly, and include cover for theft, accidental and malicious damage, and worldwide cover as standard, with plenty of optional extras that you can add to your policy. If you’re still unsure as to whether you need cycle insurance, you can read our helpful guide here.

How much does cycle insurance cost?

The cost of cycle insurance varies depending on a number of factors including the value of the bicycle, how it is used (recreational or professional), and the type of coverage. Some insurers might offer a fixed premium, while others adjust monthly based on collective claims within their customer base.

At ALA, we offer premiums based on the value of the bicycle, your chosen excess amount, and whether you choose any optional coverage, such as public liability, personal accident and cover for accessory theft and/or damage. You can start building your bespoke cycle insurance quote on our website.

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Cycle Insurance with ALA

At ALA, we’re proud to provide cycle insurance policies tailored to you and your bike. From commuting to electric bike insurance, we can help you protect your bicycle should it be damaged or stolen. When considering a cycle insurance policy with ALA, there are a few elements to contemplate:

  • Value: We are known for providing comprehensive coverage options at competitive prices, making it a choice for those seeking good value for their money. For instance, a bicycle worth £1000 with £250 excess can be insured for just £37.42* upfront
  • Best rated on Trustpilot: Reviews can be an indicator of the overall satisfaction of past and current clients. It’s advisable to visit Trustpilot to see how we fare in real-time reviews. As of October 2023, we had a 92% five-star rating amongst 16,101 reviews.
  • Flexibility: We offer varied insurance packages catering to different needs, ensuring flexibility in terms of coverage and pricing.
  • Best for commuters: Our policies can be tailored for daily commuters, covering risks like theft or damage that might occur during daily rides.
  • Accessory cover: We provide optional coverage for your accessories, ensuring you aren’t left stranded in case of damages to lights, bells, clothing or other add-ons.
  • Legal expenses: In the unfortunate event of an accident or a dispute, our policies can cover legal expenses, offering extra peace of mind.
  • Personal accident: Accidents can be unfortunate, but we ensure you’re covered for certain medical expenses and potential liabilities.
  • Excellent customer service: ALA is proud to provide excellent customer service, ensuring quick claim processes and support during emergencies.

You can find out more about our cycle insurance policies here.

Comparison infographic comparing both ALA and Laka policies

Cycle insurance with Laka bicycle insurance

Laka bicycle Insurance also offers great policy options; you can choose between Pro and Core policies depending on your needs and budget, with optional extras to choose from such as liability and health and recovery.

  • Value: Laka operates with a unique model, adjusting monthly premiums based on collective claims. On a Pro policy, a bicycle worth £1000 is usually around £9 a month (£108 a year), but can vary. Legal expenses and bike rental are included as standard. On a Core plan, a bike worth £1000 is usually around £5 per month (£60 a year), both of which are more expensive than ALA.
  • Best rated on trustpilot: Laka also has a 92% five-star rating as of October 2023 amongst 107 ratings, which is, however, significantly lower than ALA.
  • Flexibility: Laka’s dynamic pricing model offers flexibility.
  • Best for commuters: With policies designed for everyday risks, Laka is a good choice for daily riders.
  • Best for professionals: Laka offers specialized coverage for professional riders, covering everything from accessories to potential race incidents.
  • Accessory cover: Your accessories are well protected with Laka, ensuring damages or thefts don’t hinder your rides.
  • Legal expenses: Laka’s comprehensive coverage extends to legal expenses, ensuring you’re protected in case of disputes or claims.
  • Personal accident: With Laka, you’re covered against unforeseen accidents, ensuring prompt medical attention and covering liabilities.

Choosing the best cycle insurance policy for you

Both ALA and Laka offer compelling insurance packages, but the best one for you boils down to your preferences, needs and budget:

  • Cost: If you prefer fixed premiums, ALA policies might be the preferred option, and they are cheaper too. However, if you’re open to dynamic pricing, Laka can provide excellent value in certain months.
  • Coverage: Analyse the specifics of what’s covered, ensuring it aligns with your cycling habits, be it commuting, professional racing, or recreational.
  • Customer experience: ALA takes pride in customer service, and interactions with our team or our outstanding reviews often help people to make the decision to purchase cover with us rather than other companies.

At ALA worldwide cover is included as standard; you can add optional coverage extras such as accessory protection, replacement cycle hire and public liability to your policy should you need them.

To find out more, or to start creating your quote, you can visit our quote builder here to find your bespoke premium.

*all pricing correct as of October 2023