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Which Cycle Insurance Policy is Best | Comparing ALA and Velosure

8 December 2023

Written by Katie Rollin

|  5 Minutes

As we become more environmentally conscious and health-focused, cycling has seen a tremendous surge in popularity. Whether you’re commuting to work or cycling for leisure, ensuring your bike is protected is paramount. Cycle insurance, no matter whether you own a normal bike or an electric bike (E-Bike), can help protect you should your bike be damaged or stolen. But which coverage is best for you?

In this guide, we will compare our cycle insurance policies at ALA with those at Velosure. As renowned cycle insurance providers, we will look at the most important components of a cycle insurance policy, such as coverage types, cost and optional cover options. We will also discuss why you need cycle insurance, and how you can choose the best quote for you.

Do I Need Cycle Insurance?

Before diving into the specifics of each provider, it’s worth asking: is cycle insurance necessary? If you’ve invested in an expensive bike, it may be wise to safeguard it from theft, accidental damage, or other unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, cycle insurance can cover certain medical costs in the event of an accident or provide liability coverage should you inadvertently harm someone else while riding.

Depending on the cycle insurance provider you choose, cycle insurance can also cover you should your bike be damaged or stolen abroad, providing you with peace of mind should the worst happen to your bike in another country.

Cycle insurance is a great choice for anyone who cycles, whether this is for commuting or leisure. If you’re still weighing up the pros and cons of cycle insurance, you can read our previous guide concerning the benefits of taking out a policy here.

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Cycle Insurance from ALA

ALA is a prominent name in the cycle insurance industry, known for its diverse offerings. Let’s dissect what makes our cycle insurance policies stand out:

  • Best Value: We frequently offer competitive prices, ensuring you get maximum protection without being extravagantly expensive . If your main aim is to keep costs down, the standard ALA policy (covering theft and accidental/malicious damage and the repair or replacement of your bike following an incident) is cheaper than the basic Velosure policy. The Velosure standard policy does include public liability and cycle hire but these aren’t necessary for everyone and add to the cost of the policy. A standard ALA cycle insurance policy costs £37.42 for a bike worth £1000*; with Velosure, a bike worth the same amount on a “Core” policy costs £52.35*.
  • Best Rated on Trustpilot: Trustpilot reviews are testament to a company’s reputation. At ALA, we have achieved an impressive rating, reflecting the trust we’ve built amongst our customers.
  • Flexibility: Whether you cycle only on weekends or commute daily, ALA provides a range of policies to cater to varied needs. At ALA, worldwide cover is provided as standard on all policies; at Velosure, it is only included on their “Performance” policy
  • Commuters & Professionals: Our tailored policies ensure that both everyday commuters and leisurely cyclists find suitable coverage. We have specialist policies, such as BMX insurance and e-Bike cover.
  • Accessory Cover: Beyond just your bike, ALA offers protection for accessories, ensuring equipment like lights, bells, or bags are also covered.
  • Legal Expenses: In the unfortunate event of an accident where legal involvement is required, we can provide coverage to mitigate your legal costs.
  • Personal Accident: Should you suffer an injury while cycling, ALA’s personal accident coverage can be invaluable.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Prompt assistance, clear communication, and hassle-free claims are the cornerstones of ALA’s acclaimed customer service.

To find out how much you can insure your bike for, visit our cycle insurance quote builder to start creating your bespoke policy.

Cycle Insurance from Velosure

After examining Velosure policies, they too offer enticing benefits:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Velosure prides itself on its all-encompassing policies, ensuring cyclists are protected against various potential mishaps.
  • Specialised Policies: Understanding the diverse needs of cyclists, Velosure offers specialised policies for mountain bikers, road cyclists, and more, as do ALA.
  • Two Coverage Levels: Velosure offers “Core” and “Performance” levels of cover. Damage, theft, public liability and accessory cover come as standard on a “Core” policy, whereas European/worldwide cover, 24/7 cycle rescue and personal accident are exclusive to “Performance” policies.
  • Multi bike cover: if you need to insure more than one bike, Velosure offers multi-bike coverage, like ALA policies.
  • Global Coverage: For the international cyclist, Velosure provides worldwide coverage on their “Performance” level of cover, ensuring your peace of mind on global terrains. With ALA, this is included as standard.

What Additional Features Can I Add to my Cycle Insurance Policy?

Beyond the standard offerings, both providers offer add-ons to enhance your protection:

  • Travel Cover: Protect your bike even when you’re cycling abroad. This is included as standard on all ALA policies, whereas you must upgrade to “Performance” cover with Velosure.
  • Specialist cover for certain bikes: no matter whether you own an electric bike or a mountain bike, you can choose specialist cover at ALA. E-Bike cover is also provided by Velosure.
  • Family Cover: Extend your policy to cover family members on the same bike at Velosure. With ALA, you can add multiple bikes to the same policy.
  • Public Liability: Protects against claims made by third parties if you’re found at fault during an accident. This is an optional extra with ALA and is included as standard with Velosure on “Core” policies.
  • Accessory Cover: protect your accessories whilst you’re out on the road
  • Replacement Cycle Hire: if you need a “courtesy” bike whilst yours is being replaced, ALA and Velosure will cover the cost of bike hire.

If you would like to discuss your cycle insurance policy, get in touch with our team at ALA today.

Choosing the Best Cycle Insurance Quote for You

When determining the ideal cycle insurance:

  • Assess Your Needs: Are you a casual rider or a daily commuter? Does your bike have many expensive accessories?
  • Budget: Balance between what you can afford and the protection you require.
  • Read Reviews: Check platforms like Trustpilot to gauge customer satisfaction.
  • Consider Additional Coverage: Depending on your cycling habits, consider add-ons that might be beneficial.
  • Ask Questions: Reach out to providers and clarify any doubts. A responsive insurer often indicates good customer service.

Which cycle insurance should you buy? Both ALA and Velosure are highly-rated on trustpilot, the plans are flexible, they’re suited to commuters and cover legal expenses and personal accidents. However, ALA comes out on top for claims payouts, worldwide cover and bike accessory cover.

Both ALA and Velosure offer robust cycle insurance options, but the right choice depends on individual needs and preferences. To retrieve your own bespoke cycle insurance quote from ALA, you can visit our quote builder here.