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22 September 2023

Written by Katie Rollin

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Cycle Insurance Extras: Accessory Cover

Cycling enthusiasts usually also have an assortment of cycling gear that, if damaged or stolen, would be expensive to replace. Bicycle insurance can provide financial protection against accidental damage or theft of your bike and you can opt to imclude additional cover for any accessories that you use on your cycling adventures.

ALA offer several specialist bike insurance add-ons for your Cycle Insurance policy, including public liability, legal expenses, accessory and personal accident cover. Here, we discuss why bicycle insurance cover is important, what is and isn’t covered by accessory cover and how much it might cost you.

Why might you need bike accessory cover?

Bicycle insurance cover can provide peace of mind against bike theft or accidental damage. Accessory cover can be particularly beneficial if you carry more expensive cycling equipment. A mountain bike , or road bike may require specific safety accessories. While an athlete, tour or off-road cyclist may want to carry additional cycling gear. Other items, such as storage panniers, baskets or lights, can often be found on a conventional pedal cycle or electric bike . With ALA, any safety gear or cycling accessories can be covered to protect your investments if the unexpected were to happen.

A bike leaning against a wall with a sun setting over the ocean in the background. A bike helmet and rucksack are sitting on the wall.

What is included in accessory cover?

Bicycle insurance with accessory cover will reimburse the cost of replacing or repairing your insured items (bike and accessories) in the event of accidental damage or theft. We cover equipment up to £300, or £900, as indicated in your bicycle insurance policy schedule. Bicycle cover can extend to the following accessories:

  • Protective gear, including helmets, glasses, and goggles

  • Cycling clothing, including shoes and jerseys

  • Storage items, including backpacks and panniers

  • Storage items, such as cameras, GPS systems and computers

  • Lights and reflective gear

  • Tools and spare parts

  • Cycle armour, guards and locks.

A man is fixing his rear bike wheel, he is screwing or unscrewing his chain.

It’s essential to keep receipts of any purchased items to prove that you own the insured items. Without these receipts, we can’t reimburse your losses. Additionally, you must immediately report any theft or malicious damage to the police.

What are the limitations to bike accessory cover?

Always read your bicycle insurance policy information to know what is and isn’t covered before purchasing. However, here, we summarise ALA’s coverage limitations.

Firstly, you must provide proof of ownership for each insured accessory. This must be either a Till or gifting receipt, a delivery note or an invoice. Photographs of accessories may help with your claim, but these don’t count as evidence of ownership. You cannot claim on bike insurance for stolen or damaged accessories without proof of ownership.

Two men are cycling in road cycling gear including helmets, gloves, goggles, and lycra.

What is not covered

When purchasing cycling insurance, be aware of coverage exclusions. ALA Bicycle insurance doesn’t insure the following accessories:

  • Uninsured accessories – Any items that exceed the cover amount listed on your policy schedule or any accessories that you don’t have proof of purchase for will not be covered.

  • Amount exceeding agreed cover – You can get accessory cover up to £300 or £900. Any amount exceeding your agreed limit is not insured.

  • Fixed accessories – Unless your bicycle has also been stolen or damaged, most policies generally do not cover any fixed accessories such as lights or panniers.

  • No sign of forcible entry/exit – Theft will not be covered if there is no sign of forcible entry or exit into the insured location or vehicle.

  • Damage in transit – if your items were securely packaged and a receipt obtained this will exlude them from coverage on your Cycle Insurance policy.

  • Wear and Tear – gradual damage over time to your bicycle or insured accessories due to regular use is excluded from bicycle insurance cover.

How much does bike accessory cover cost?

Adding accessory cover to your bike insurance policy is affordable for all cyclists. Whether you’re insuring an expensive bike or a more affordable one, our accessory cover will cost the same. Protect your treasured cycling gear from theft or damage without breaking the bank. ALA bike accessory cover can cost less than an additional £5 per year (when purchased with our cycle policy) and is offered at two levels; up to £300 or up to £900:

  • Cover up to £300 will cost an additional £4.94 per year or £0.46 paid monthly

  • Cover up to £900 will cost an additional £14.39 per year or £1.27 paid monthly

Get a Cycle Insurance quote from us today and discover our affordable and buildable insurance policies.

Frequently asked questions

Will your home insurance cover your bicycle accessories?

Your home insurance might cover your accessories if they were stolen from your home or damaged while left at home. However, this coverage generally doesn’t extend to theft or damage away from your property.

Will your travel insurance cover your bicycle accessories?

Travel insurance typically doesn’t cover cycling holidays. However, luggage can be covered with travel insurance which may cover your cycling accessories. It’s always best to check your policy carefully and ensure you understand what’s covered.

ALA Worldwide Cover is included in all Cycle Insurance policies; your usual policy is extended for 30 consecutive days outside the UK; it’s a no-brainer.

What are the main cycle insurance exclusions?

Specific requirements must be met to make a claim. These include proof of ownership of a secure lock, your insured bike and insured accessories. You will also need to report theft or malicious damage to the police 48 hours. Your incident number will be required for your claim.

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