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21 September 2023

Written by Katie Rollin

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Bike Insurance cover – Does your policy cover bicycle theft?

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Whether you own an affordable or an expensive bike, if it gets stolen and you don’t have bicycle insurance, having to cover the cost of a new bike can put you under significant financial strain. Even if you have insurance to cover bike theft, there may be circumstances where you are liable if anything happens.

In this article, we discuss what is included in a standard policy insuring against bike theft, what is not covered and the circumstances where you could be financially liable for bike theft. You will also learn how to make a claim for theft and what you could receive from your bicycle insurance company.

What is included in ALA bike theft cover?

If you choose to take out a bike insurance policy with ALA, you are covered in the event of the following:

  • Theft of the insured bike from your home or the insured location – the insured site could be a private and secure storage facility or shed.

  • Bike theft away from home/insured location if the bicycle was stored according to security requirements. These include using a sold secure lock and locking your bike to a fixed object.

  • Bike theft from a bus or train station (locked as above) if it was left there for less than 24 hours.

  • Theft of the bike from your workplace (locked as above) if it was left there for less than 24 hours.

What is not covered by standard ALA theft cover?

Before you take out any policy, we advise that you carefully check what is and isn’t covered. Never assume that you are covered in all circumstances. We understand that the person at fault is always the bike thief, but there are specific scenarios where our standard bike insurance policies cannot cover you. These are as follows:

  • Theft of tyres if the bike was not damaged simultaneously – if you have any quick-release wheels , you will need to lock these with an extended bike lock for a claim to be valid.

  • Theft of any attached or unattached bike accessories, unless purchased as an add-on when you buy your policy. We offer two levels of bike accessory cover for an additional premium. You can insure bike accessories up to the value of £300 or £900.

When are you liable to cover bike theft?

Unfortunately, we can’t cover bike theft when improper care is taken to secure the bike. An ALA bicycle insurance policy will not cover certain situations. In the following circumstances you may be liable to cover the stolen bike:

  • Your bike is stolen from a private location (home, private room or other insured location) with no sign of forced entry. This suggests that the property was left unsecured.

  • Your bike was left near a station or your place of work for more than 24 hours

  • Your bike was left uncovered inside a car or attached to the vehicle’s exterior overnight.

  • You did not secure your bike with an approved lock whilst left unattended away from home. You will also need to provide proof of purchase for the appropriate level of lock for your bike’s value.

How do you make a bike theft claim?

Having a bike stolen can be stressful and inconvenient. However, making a successful claim does not have to be. Here, we outline what you need to do to make a bike theft claim.

Firstly , you must report your stolen bike to the police within 48 hours of being aware of the theft. After you’ve done this, you can obtain a police incident number. You will need to provide this number to make a claim. You will also need proof of purchase for your bike, lock and any insured accessories. You cannot be covered if you cannot prove that you own your insured items or secure lock. To start a claim, enter your policy details here.

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What could you receive from your bicycle insurance provider?

If you bought your bike brand-new and it was less than three years old when stolen, ALA will provide you with a new for old replacement (if your claim is successful).

If your bought bike second-hand or more than three years old, you will receive a like-for-like replacement instead – this means we will cover the cost of a replacement bike that is the same model and age as your bike at the time of the loss . If this exact model is no longer available, the settlement will be based on a similar bike in terms of category and configuration. You will receive a cash settlement within 48 hours of confirmation that your claim was successful.

Also, note that your policy coverage will continue as usual after your claim has been handled, and your bicycle insurance premium will not be affected.

Why choose ALA’s specialist cycle insurance?

When it comes to expensive assets such as bikes, you’ll want to ensure you have the right coverage in place should the worst happen. You will also want a trustworthy provider with your best interests in mind


  • We offer buildable plans that can be tailored to your specific cycling needs.

  • We are generous with our bike cover, and our claims procedure is quick and simple.

  • We are transparent and honest – we won’t make false promises.

  • The Financial Conduct Authority regulates us, and the Financial Compensation. Scheme protects your policy. Your assets will always be in safe hands.

  • We offer affordable and competitive prices. Our Cycle insurance starts at £21 per year.

Get a quote here

Get a quote here

Common Queries

Are bikes covered on home insurance policies?

Most basic home insurance policies can cover bikes, but they may only cover these on a like-for-like basis, or there may be claims limits on contents insurance. Home insurance will also be inadequate to protect your bike while away from home. Bicycle insurance can cover you at or away from home, and even while you are abroad.

If a claim is successful, do you get a new bike or a settlement in cash?

If your claim is successful, your ALA policy will typically cover the cost of a new, replacement bike or a like-for-like item , based on the age of the bike at the time of the claim. You will receive a cash settlement, not an actual bike.

Does bicycle insurance cover me for cycle touring?

Yes. One of the perks of an ALA policy is its Worldwide coverage as standard. You are covered on your regular policy for up to 30 days outside the UK (per trip). This is definitely not offered on any home insurance policy. ALA does not cover cycle racing or professional cycling, so bear this in mind when purchasing bicycle insurance for touring.

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