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21 September 2023

Written by Katie Rollin

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Cycle Insurance cover options | Personal accident cover

Two men wearing lots of cycling gear on their road bikes in the countryside

Getting involved in a severe cycling accident is always something we hope to avoid. However, the implications of a serious personal injury can also be severe without proper bicycle insurance protection in place. Dealing with a long-term personal injury can be costly, not to mention the psychological strain it may put on the cyclist and their family.

In this article, we explain personal injury insurance and its benefits. We address what is covered and excluded in personal injury insurance and why specialist bike insurance with ALA might be the right choice for you.

What is personal accident cover in bicycle insurance?

It is commonly thought that standard bike insurance is enough to cover all lossess should the worst happen . Cyclists are primarily concerned with bicycle theft and malicious or accidental damage , but many are unaware of additional covers, including personal injury.

This type of cover can offer compensation for a severe personal injury. Some policies can additionally cover hospital visits. A UK bicycle insurance provider usually only compensates for permanent disablement or death since the NHS covers emergencies and the cost of a hospital stay.

What are the benefits of personal injury insurance?

If you are covered for bicycle accidents, why should you choose personal injury insurance for your bike insurance policy?

  • Peace of mind –

    adding personal injury insurance is a small price to ensure you are covered if the unthinkable happens on your bike. This is especially important for road cyclists, mountain bikers or BMX .

  • Financial support for a disability –

    a lump sum payment can be critical for managing a permanent disability after a severe bicycle accident. You may have ongoing costs as a result of the accident.

  • Financial support for your loved ones –

    if your bike accident results in your death, your family can receive compensation from your bicycle insurance provider.

What are you covered for?

With ALA, you have the option to add personal accident cover up to £10,000 or £25,000. The amount you select will be your maximum payout limit in the event of a serious accident. You can receive a payout according to the type of injury and the level of bicycle insurance coverage (stated in your schedule of insurance). These payout details are as follows:

Bodily Injury

Level 1 payout

Level 2 payout

Loss of limb



Loss of sight



Permanent Total Disablement






ALA’s personal accident insurance only covers 16-65 year-olds , and so would not be suitable for older adults or young people.

What is not covered?

Someone riding a BMX bike at a skate park

ALA specifically covers cycle-related injuries or accidental deaths, independent of any other cause. If you deliberately put yourself in the way of exceptional danger, unless attempting to save human life, we will not be able to compensate your injuries. The following circumstances are also not covered by personal injury insurance:

  • Any cycling injury that resulted from taking part in a criminal act.

  • Any cycling injury that resulted from being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Any accident where disablement or death has not occurred within 180 days.

  • Any disablement that cannot be proved to have continued for 12 consecutive months and will likely continue for the remainder of your life.

  • More than one payout from this bike insurance cover.

  • Any accident that resulted from professional or occupational use (races, hire, reward or courier services).

Is personal accident insurance worth it?

Although the chances of suffering a severe personal injury on your bike are thankfully rare, it is valuable to weigh up the costs and benefits of getting this peace of mind. You can pay for your policy yearly (as a lump sum) or monthly with a small amount of interest.

Adding personal injury insurance to your policy will cost £13.04-18.32 per year. Alternatively, this same cover will cost either £1.23 or £1.64 per month. Protecting your future from a cycle-related accident comes with a relatively small price to pay.

Two women cycling down a steep cobbled hill on road bikes, they are wearing helmets and sports gear.

Why choose ALA Cycle Insurance

Wer’re confident you won’t be able to find an equivalent cycling insurance plan that is better value than an ALA plan; that we offer a price match guarantee . We also include bike theft, accidental damage and Worldwide cover as standard with all of our policies, so your bicycle insurance will cover you for your cycling holidays too.

Additional cover options include:

  • Personal injury cover
  • Public liability insurance
  • Bike Accessory cover
  • Legal expenses
  • Cycle Hire Replacement

Our plans are buildable and flexible, so you can choose only the cover you need. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and all policies are protected by the Financial Compensation Scheme.

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