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21 September 2023

Written by Katie Rollin

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Cycle insurance cover options: worldwide coverage

Cycle insurance can be a great option for anyone who cycles frequently, for commuting or for leisure. It’s also commonly chosen by those who own an expensive bike and want to protect their investment from theft and malicious or accidental damage. Some avid cyclists choose to take their bikes abroad for excursions such as races and touring holidays. But can a cycle insurance policy cover you when you’re abroad?

In this guide, we will explore worldwide cycle insurance, including what you can get and what isn’t covered in your policy. We will also compare cycle insurance to adding your bike onto a travel insurance policy, and how our cycle insurance policies can benefit you.

Can my cycle insurance policy extend abroad?

With all of our cycle insurance policies, worldwide cover is included as standard for 30 days per trip, alongside protection against theft and/or malicious/accidental damage to your bicycle. All bikes receive this level of cover on our policies, including:

  • BMXs

  • Electric bikes

  • Mountain bikes

  • Road cycling bikes

  • Cycle touring bikes

As well as worldwide cycle insurance cover, you can add extra optional coverage, such as public liability insurance, personal accident cover and protection for your cycle accessories. Therefore, if you injure someone else or damage someone’s property whilst out on the bike, or your helmet or clothing is damaged or stolen, you will be covered with these extra policies. You can find out more on our website here.

What is covered in my worldwide cycle insurance?

With ALA’s cycle insurance policies, you will be fully covered should your bike be stolen or damaged, no matter whether you are in the UK or abroad. However, worldwide cycle insurance coverage only lasts for the duration of a 30-day trip, and you must make a claim within 48 hours of returning to the UK.

Cycle insurance policies can also cover you for any permanent injuries or disabilities stated in the policy wording if you choose worldwide personal accident cover as an optional extra. If your bike is stolen or damaged beyond repair, we will replace your bike on a new-for-old basis if it is less than three years old, or on a like-for-like basis if it is older. To make a successful claim, you should be able to provide your bike’s frame number, and a receipt to prove the bike was purchased from a cycle retailer.

If you enjoy cycling abroad, you shouldn’t have to worry about your bike being stolen or damaged. This is why ALA has included worldwide bicycle cover as standard. To start building your cycle insurance quote, please visit us here.

What isn’t covered in my worldwide cycle insurance?

There are restrictions in place that can prevent you from getting a policy and making a claim which apply to bikes damaged or stolen in the UK and abroad. To make a successful claim, the policyholder must be a permanent resident of the UK, and the bike must not exceed £6000 in value. As well as providing a frame number and receipt, the bike must be in good working condition when you purchase the policy.

If stolen, the bike must have been secured to an immovable object using an approved Sold Secure lock. Depending on the value of your bike, you will need either a bronze (worth under £500), silver (under £1000) or gold (over £1000) rated lock. You also must not leave the bike at locations such as train stations and bus stations for more than 24 hours. Damage that does not impair the function of the cycle will also not be covered.

As worldwide cycle insurance cover comes as standard with ALA, all of the aforementioned restrictions apply both to the UK and abroad. To discuss the policy requirements and restrictions further, please get in touch with a member of our team today.

Can I add my bike to my travel insurance?

When going abroad, many people choose travel insurance to protect against unexpected medical bills, accidents and lost luggage. If you are taking your bike abroad, this will usually be covered under “luggage,” and will count as a single item. If your bike is stolen, you will be covered under your travel insurance, but you may not receive a pay out that matches its value, especially if it is more expensive than your average bike.

If you are involved in an accident on your bike, your travel insurance would usually cover your medical expenses. However, some travel insurance policies do not cover certain countries due to their expensive medical bills. Cycle insurance is a specialist policy that is specifically tailored to your bike. You will receive the full value of your bike should it be damaged or stolen abroad, or it can be replaced on a like-for-like or new-for-old basis. You can also add personal accident cover to your policy should you be involved in an accident abroad and need medical assistance.

Travel insurance may be the best option if cycling will only take up a small part of your holiday, but the full value of your bike may not be covered. Cycle insurance is perfect for cyclists who are going on a cycling holiday. If you’re struggling to decide between cycle insurance and travel insurance, you can read our previous guide here.

How can ALA help?

Here at ALA, our cycle insurance policies will keep you fully covered in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and worldwide for up to 30 days per trip. By simply confirming you can provide proof of purchase and a frame number, and by entering your postcode, you can start building your cycle insurance quote. If you can find any cheaper comparable quote online, we’ll be sure to match the premium.

If you’re an avid cyclist, start building your cycle insurance quote with ALA today.

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