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Cycle insurance: can I get cycle insurance on a road bike?

Road bikes are popular amongst amateurs and professionals alike, with their build and speed making them a great choice for anyone wanting to explore the great outdoors on two wheels. As they are usually ridden on faster, paved roads, they may be more likely to encounter accidental damage, and the cyclist may find themselves in a speed-related accident. To avoid any unexpected costs to fix your bike, cycle insurance could be just what you need.

In this guide, we will explain whether cycle insurance is available for road bikes, factors to be aware of when looking at road bike insurance, and why it is vital for road cyclists to have insurance. We will also take a look at when cycle insurance policies won’t pay out, and how ALA cycle insurance can help you.

Can you get cycle insurance on a road bike?

You can get ALA cycle insurance on your road bike, provided it is not stolen or damaged during any professional events such as races or tournaments, which would require more specialist bike insurance. There are a few elements to be aware of when looking to purchase a cycle insurance policy with ALA to see if it is the right fit for you.

With cycle insurance, you are protected if your bike is stolen or if it sustains malicious or accidental damage. You will also be covered worldwide with ALA, so you don’t need to worry about damage or theft if you go cycling abroad with your road bike. There is also additional insurance cover that you can select, such as public liability cover, which will protect you if you damage another person’s property or injure someone else whilst out on your bike.

You can find out more about cycle insurance and the various additional policies here.

Should road cyclists have insurance?

Cycling your road bike through the countryside can be an exhilarating and joyous experience, but it can also leave you susceptible to accidents and damage. Many people go cycling on their road bike downhill to pick up speed, but even the most experienced cyclists can lose control or fail to see hazards quickly enough. Therefore, should the worst happen to your bike, knowing that you’re covered can provide you with extra peace of mind.

If you’re often out and about on scenic routes with your bicycle, you might choose to opt for a more expensive bike for a better experience. Damaging a high-quality bike can be costly, so choosing road bike insurance can help protect your investment without leaving you out of pocket. A shiny new bike could also look enticing to thieves; cycle insurance will replace your bike on a like-for-like basis if it was more than three years old, or new-for-old basis if your bike was younger than three years old if your road bike is stolen.

To start building your own bespoke quote based on your preferences, you can visit us on our website here.

What do I need to be aware of when looking at road bike insurance policies?

Although cycle insurance is a great asset to have, there are some restrictions and exclusions to be aware of. For instance, your road bike must not exceed £6000 in value, and you must be able to provide a frame number and proof of purchase from a cycle retailer, such as a receipt. You must also be a resident of the UK, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, and the bike must be in good working order at the time that the policy was purchased.

If you are the victim of bicycle theft, you must have been using an approved lock in order to make a claim. Which lock you need depends on the value of the bike; for instance, a bike valued at over £1000 needs a Sold Secure Gold rated lock. The bike must be kept in a secure location, usually your home address and attached to an immovable object using the correct grade of lock. If you’re away from home you must ensure that any additional security requirements are followed, including not leaving your bike in a bus or train station for more than 24 hours.

If you would like to discuss your claim, you can get in touch with a member of our team today.

When won’t my cycle insurance policy pay out?

It is important to ensure that you meet the policy requirements at all times, both at the point of initial purchase and throughout the policy to ensure you are able to successfully use the policy should you need to. If your bike is stolen, you must have followed all security requirements mentioned, such as using an approved lock and attaching the bike to an immovable object. There are also security requirements if the bike is inside or attached to a vehicle, such as all doors and windows of the vehicle being closed.

If your bike is damaged, it must not have been as a result of a manufacturing fault, and if your bike is used in a tournament, a professional race or for business purposes, you will not be able to claim for any damage sustained during these events. If the damage has occurred gradually, such as in the event of general wear and tear, you will not be able to make a successful claim. More restrictions and policy requirements can be found in our policy documents here.

How ALA can help

Here at ALA, we can help you build your quote from scratch, taking into consideration your location and the value of your bike. Once you entered these details, you can choose from our wide range of optional extras, such as accessory protection and personal accident cover, for additional safety and coverage. We also cater for other specialist bikes, so if you own a mountain bike or electric bike, we’re here for you. You can start building your quote here and see how much you could be paying for road bike insurance.

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