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7 September 2023

Written by Katie Rollin

|  5 Minutes

Cycle insurance types: can I insure my BMX?

If you own a bike that is high in value, or you cycle frequently, you may be considering insuring against theft and damage. Tens of thousands of bikes are stolen every year, leaving most cyclists out of pocket if their bike is never recovered. Repairing a damaged bike can be expensive too, which is why cycle insurance has never been more important. But can you get a cycle insurance policy if you own a certain type of bike, such as a BMX? If so, what type of coverage can you expect?

In this guide, we will explore what BMX insurance does and doesn’t cover, whether you need cycle insurance for your BMX, and how you can achieve a quote that works best for you and your circumstances in the event of theft or damage to your bike.

Can you insure a BMX?

It is possible to insure a BMX on a cycle insurance policy. In order to secure a policy for your BMX, you must be able to provide a frame number, proof of purchase (such as a receipt), and the bike must also be in good working condition prior to purchasing a policy. You must also be a permanent resident of the UK, and the bike must be kept in an appropriate, define or listed location, attached to an immovable object with an approved lock.

Your BMX must also be worth less than £6000 and must be owned by the person taking out the policy, or an immediate family member. If your bike meets these requirements, you should be able to create a policy for your bike and protect it against damage and theft. To find out more about BMX cycle insurance, you can visit us on our website here.

What does BMX insurance cover?

If you take out a BMX insurance policy with ALA, your bike will be protected against theft and any malicious or accidental damage, providing you adhere to the policy requirements. You will also be protected worldwide, so if your BMX is damaged or stolen abroad, you won’t need to worry. This also means you shouldn’t need to add your bike to your travel insurance.

You can also opt for additional extras, such as accessory protection and replacement hire. You can also choose public liability cover, which covers you if you damage someone’s property or cause injury to another person whilst out cycling.

If your BMX is less than three years old, we will replace the bike on a new for old basis, as long as it was new when purchased. If your bike is three years or older at the time of the damage or theft, we will replace or pay for the bike on a like-for-like basis. If you would like to start building your BMX insurance policy, you can get in contact with us today.

What isn’t covered with BMX insurance?

Like all insurance policies, BMX cycle insurance comes with some restrictions and exclusions that you should be aware of before purchasing your policy. If you use your BMX for sport competitions, racing or stunt contests (amateur or professional) you will not be able to make a claim with ALA should you damage the bike or injure yourself or others. If your claim is otherwise valid, you must also be able to provide a frame number and proof of ownership before you start to process your claim.

Bikes that are stolen and were not secured by an approved lock and were not attached to an immovable object will also not be covered. Any cosmetic change that does not impact the function of the BMX and any manufacturer faults may also not meet the requirements to make a successful bicycle insurance claim. If your BMX was stolen or damaged maliciously, you must obtain a crime reference number.

You can view our policy documents online to check for further information concerning coverage and exclusions regarding your BMX insurance policy.

Do I need BMX insurance cover?

BMX bikes are heavy-duty and are typically used for performing tricks and jumps. If the damage is sudden and renders the bike unusable cycle insurance can help you protect your BMX, allowing you to receive a new BMX on a like-for-like or new-for-old basis. If you are making a damage claim, the bike will be examined to see what caused it.

If you use your BMX regularly to perform stunts, it may be worth more than your average cycle. With BMX insurance, you can protect your investment and ride your bike with peace of mind. Bikes can encounter all kinds of problems, such as hitting potholes and bumps. Cycle insurance policies prepare for every eventuality, no matter whether the BMX bike is damaged beyond repair or stolen.

How do I get a BMX insurance quote?

You can start building your BMX insurance quote using our helpful online tool. To start, you must declare that you can provide suitable proof of ownership, the bike’s frame number, and your postcode. These factors help us work out how much cover you need, as bike usage and thefts tend to be higher in certain locations. You must then let us know the value of your BMX, your preferred excess amount, and whether you would like any optional extras, such as accessory protection, personal accident cover or public liability cover.

From here, you can pay for your BMX coverage upfront or monthly, depending on your personal circumstances.

How ALA can help

Our cycle insurance policies here at ALA come competitively priced, with each quote designed to fit your and your preferences. No matter whether you own a BMX for performing stunts, or a simple city bike for cycling to work, our policies can help you should the very worst happen to your bike. Bicycle theft and damage can be stressful and expensive; cycle insurance helps take away some of the worry, and will replace your bike to ensure you can get to where you need to be.

To find out more, or to discuss your bespoke quote, get in touch with a member of our team today.